Mike Fisher formally announced his retirement from the National Hockey League. Messages of love and gratitude from his fans and wife, Carrie Underwood now flood the web.

Mike Fisher’s message

The Nashville Predators captain announced his retirement today. He took the time to write a lengthy farewell message that also proved he has excellent writing skills. He began by reminiscing over the overwhelming support and the momentous game his team had in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final. He admitted that their team could not comprehend the exceeding number of fans who showed up to the game.

The star hockey player described his decision as the hardest one he has ever made. But he also said he is confident that it was the right one. Excerpts of his message explain why he made the decision. Mike said he continuously prayed to have peace in his heart during the next chapter of his life. He said he has peace that tells him “this is God’s will” for his future. He also detailed that despite some uncertainties, he knows that this is the “right time” to go.

Mike explained that the decision did not come out of the spur of the moment. As time passed by, he slowly gathered the confidence to finally conclude his career. The Canadian athlete spent the last three paragraphs of his message to express his gratitude.

He specified the people who have been a blessing to his 17 years of NHL.

Carrie Underwood's loving message

Carrie Underwood also posted her thoughts on the retirement of her husband. The “Jesus, Take the Wheel” singer said in her Instagram post that she would surely miss cheering for her spouse. Carrie vouched that Mike gave his all for his team for a long time.

She added that she is very proud of him and his hard work.

Furthermore, the “American Idol” 2005 winner also expressed her excitement for what is next to come. She is looking forward to the new chapter that God will unveil in the life of her husband.

If there is one thing good about the retirement, it would be freedom of time.

Carrie also mentioned that she is very excited to enjoy more time with Mike at home in the coming days.

Fans expressed their gratitude

Ian Mendes, a talk show host, posted the achievements of the ice hockey center on his Twitter account. He noted his impressive career which included being in the Top 10 of both OTT and NAS. He also congratulated him for being a player with class and integrity.

In the comments of Carrie's Instagram post, warm wishes also abound. Some noted that the hockey star had a terrific career, while others cheered for a happy retirement. The complete farewell message of Mike Fisher is on the front page of Tennessean.