Carrie Underwood has recently dished on the secret to her body transformation. She showed off her new small hour -glass frame at the Country Music Association Awards in November and has spilled the details about it to US Weekly. When the 33-year-old noticed the weight she put on while pregnant with her son Isaiah, she made it her duty to get rid of the extra pounds. She gave up her attempt to shed the pounds with Weight Watchers. A modeling friend of hers introduced her to Original Garcinia Cambogia, a natural supplement made with a fruit that has an extract that takes most of the credit, hydroxycritic acid.

Khloe Kardashian

The pill helped Underwood lose 28 pounds in only five weeks. The pill also helps rid the body of unhealthy foods, burns fat and cranks up metabolism without bothering one’s immune system. The country music starlet was able to eat any foods she desired whenever she wanted to eat them. According to the Original Garcinia Cambogia website, it only required her to swallow one of the diet pills two to three times each day. Khloe Kardashian shared after the MTV Video Music Awards that she was using the pill to get down to a smaller size as well. She lost 20 pounds in 20 days. On the other hand, co-host of talk show ‘The Real’, Adrienne Bailon was able to lose 22 pounds in two months using a more natural method.

For her fall wedding in Paris, she committed herself to an advanced fitness plan so that she could get married in the body weight she was always used to. An E! News article explained how her fitness coach Massy Arias amp’d up her usual workout routine.

Adrienne Bailon Houghton

Adrienne and her husband, gospel artist Israel Houghton both made it their business to lose a certain amount of weight before their wedding day arrived.

Adrienne devoted 90 minutes of her day to exercising the pounds off, up to four times during each week. She would first get in 30 minutes of exercise by herself, then spend a full hour doing an extreme workout led by her fitness coach, without taking any type of breaks. Adrienne also temporarily took alcohol and dairy products out of her diet. She chose to drink a concoction of protein to kick-start her mornings and gulped down another one for dinner but didn’t skip breakfast and lunch.