Nike is the leader of all things sports performance. Nike has revolutionized the category of performance sneakers and apparel. Nike is untouchable when it comes to performance basketball shoes, which started with Michael Jordan and is continuing with the advancements through shoes endorsed by Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Kobe and Kyrie Irving. Elevating is Nike’s game, and they are attempting to do it again with their new Nike React technology.

What is the new Nike React technology?

Nike has a team of mad scientists that look for new ways to make their shoes better and better.

Nike React is Nike’s solution to having foam be lightweight, comfortable and resilient. Having foam to be all three is tough, but it seems as if they have figured it out. Nike tried many different combinations of foam tech looking for the right fit that can be both sustainable and lightweight. The goal was to find the right foam tech that allows athletes to go left to right, north and south in a seamless motion, plus have the ability to jump when needed. Nike React has been tested over and over with more than 2,000 hours of basketball testing. The design process was powered by athlete data, how athletes move, direction and how much force with each step from the Nike Sports Research Lab. Pressure maps were used to show where the athletes are putting the most force and in what part of the foot, with this information, Nike was able to decipher where the cushion is needed most.

Nike hosted a media only event that featured NBA star Draymond Green as well Nike execs that included Jordan Brand VP of Design, David Creech. During the event, some members of the media were given the opportunity to test out the new tech as well speak with Draymond who first wore the Hyperdunk Flyknit 2017 during the 2017 NBA finals.

Nike put us through a series of exercises as well as basketball drills. In the evening we had the honor of playing pick up games in the exclusive Terminal 23 dubbed “Melo’s Gym” after NY Knick star Carmelo Anthony.

Does it work?

How does Nike React feel? I have been playing basketball with the Nike React Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit sneaker for about 2 months.

Now, I’m no spring chicken, I am 6’3, 240 pound 37 year old man with flat feet, so I couldn’t wait to see if this technology would work. It takes a while for the shoe to shape itself to your foot, but once it does it really does help shift and turn and as an added bonus, it protects your ankles. I was never a jumper, but my feet feel great after hours of basketball. Time will tell if in a year, the shoe still feels like it did when I first put them on.

Where and when is the Nike React available

Nike's Nike React is available now, globally. The new tech will be in the Hyperdunk 2017 and the Jordan Super.Fly 2017.