The top two picks in this summer's 2017 NBA Draft were point guards with Washington's Markelle Fultz and UCLA's Lonzo Ball being selected. The Sixers traded up with the Boston Celtics to snag the top pick so they could get Fultz. The chips fell almost perfectly for the Los Angeles Lakers as they were able to bring possibly the next big superstar to their franchise since Kobe Bryant's retirement. Magic Johnson has been nothing but positive about feeling that Lonzo is the "face of the franchise," but how does fellow rookie Markelle Fultz of the 76ers feel about Ball?

Fultz vs. Ball rivalry?

So far it doesn't seem like there's any bad blood between Markelle Fultz of the Sixers and Lonzo Ball of the Lakers. In college, these two freshmen stars faced off a few times as they were both on PAC-12 teams. Fultz's team didn't fare so well but he tended to put up bigger numbers while Ball's assist game really helped lead the Bruins to the NCAA Tournament.

Markelle Fultz recently gave some comments to CSN Philly at the Sixers' day camp at Valley Forge Military Academy. Among those comments was his guarantee that his team is "going to be in the playoffs this year." Fultz also said his sprained ankle rehab has been going well and he looks on track to play in the coming preseason or regular season.

This past April, Fultz was on ESPN and talked about Lonzo's comments saying he was better than Markelle. The former Washington Huskies star said it motivated him to work harder and get better. Fast forward to now, and Fultz was picked ahead of Ball in the draft. With these two players as the top two picks, expectations are high for their teams.

Fast forward to more recently and CSN Philly asked Fultz about the Lakers' Lonzo Ball. Fultz had nothing but love for Ball saying, "me and him are cool." He also wished his fellow rookie plenty of luck in the league, adding that he's sure Lonzo wishes him the same. The two nearly went head-to-head during this past month's NBA Summer League in Las Vegas, but Fultz sprained his ankle and was out for the rest of the Sixers' games ahead of the Lakers' matchup.

Lonzo led the Lakers to a win in that game with Fultz missing.

Fultz told CSN Philly that he was pretty sure they'd be meeting during the season since the NBA does a good job of "making that happen." Most likely, the Lakers are going to get a lot more television coverage due to Lonzo's early popularity, so at least one or both Sixers' matchups could find their way on the national TV schedule for NBA fans.

When do they meet up?

The Los Angeles Lakers' regular season schedule has yet to be released. So far the team has only unveiled their preseason schedule which opens with a September 30th game against the Minnesota Timberwolves at the Honda Center in Anaheim. Fans will possibly get to see Lonzo Ball possibly on the court against young stars Andrew Wiggins and Karl Anthony-Towns, as well as the Wolves' new All-Star acquisition Jimmy Butler.

While preseason features limited minutes for a team's main players, it could give Lonzo his first game against some real NBA star power. The Lakers team also has a few meetings with the Denver Nuggets, as well as games against the Kings, Jazz, and Clippers into mid-October.

During the regular season, Eastern vs. Western Conference matchups are restricted to just twice per season. So that means the Lakers will host one game at Staples Center, and the Sixers host the other game in Philadelphia. If both rookies are healthy, those will be the two glimpses of the future battles these rookies may be part of in the league.