Deshone Kizer is most likely the new quarterback of the Cleveland Browns after he was named the starter for their third preseason game. The third preseason game is roundly regarded as the one where someone is named the starter simply by being placed on the top of the depth chart, and there are many people who could have this very same article about them. There are quite a few things that could go wrong, but the Browns could have everything go right.

We have no idea what will happen

There are many people who are decrying the choice because Kizer is a Young Man who simply does not have enough experience to succeed.

Someone who has more experience may be better suited for the job, but the Browns are happy to allow Kizer to step to the front of the line. Kizer could become the star of the Browns' roster, and he could give the team a ray of hope for the future. We do not know what could happen, but we know that there are many people who think Kizer could fail.

Kizer may have an opening

There is leeway that must be given to Kizer, and he must be allowed years to get it together. Peyton Manning is used as a model for growth in a quarterback, and he was not good until his third year in the league. He grew steadily over a number of years, and he turned into one of the finest offensive minds in the history of football.

He is a strong leader who has done amazing work over the course of his career, and allowing him to grow was the right choice for the Colts (and eventually the Broncos).

The Browns need hope

The Cleveland Browns are in need of a bit of hope, but there are many people who believe that the franchise is snakebitten. They will say that Kizer is not the answer, and they will want to see someone who is a sure thing.

Ryan Leaf was a sure thing, and KiJana Carter was a sure thing. They did not pan out, but Tom Brady was taken so late in the draft that he could have been Mr. Irrelevant.

I want to see success

I would love to see the Browns successful because they make the league better when they are relevant. It is hard on the NFL fan when they have to watch the Browns suffer, and the Browns were once so good that we were gritting our teeth hoping they could make it to a Super Bowl.

The Browns were once so relevant that we still love Bernie Kozar, and we are hoping to see the Browns have someone just like that. I want to see Kizer turn into Kozar, and that little change could make the Browns one of the best teams in the NFL again. They could be on the right track with this young man.