When Brock Osweiler left the Denver Broncos and signed a big-money deal with the Houston Texans, the Texans assumed he was going to be their franchise quarterback and savior. When the Cleveland Browns traded for Brock Osweiler, it was just a way to get more draft picks and they were expected to release him soon thereafter. However, the Browns are giving Osweiler a chance to win the starting job this year and head coach Hue Jackson said that he is pleasantly surprised by what he has seen so far.

What Hue Jackson has seen of Brock Osweiler

According to Hue Jackson, he had seen very little of Brock Osweiler before the Cleveland Browns traded for him.

Jackson said that he really only knew what the reporters wrote about Osweiler as well as what he had heard from others around the NFL. However, since Brock showed up in Cleveland, he has done everything he can to change perceptions of him - starting with his new head coach.

Jackson said that Brock Osweiler works hard every single day. He also said that Brock seems happy to be in Cleveland, something that Osweiler himself talked about last week. When speaking to reporters at the start of OTAs, Brock said that he felt very welcome by the Browns and believed that they want him there. He feels he can be the starting quarterback this season for the Cleveland Browns.

While Hue Jackson said that he knew what the journalists were saying about Brock Osweiler, he only really believes what he sees and won't judge a player based on second-hand advice.

Jackson said that everyone has a reputation they come to a team with but what matters is what that player does in the new building.

Cleveland Browns quarterback competition

Regardless of the huge contract that Brock Osweiler brings with him from the Houston Texans, the Cleveland Browns and Hue Jackson will make him earn the starting job.

Last season, no quarterback stepped up for the Browns and this year they didn't take one in the NFL Draft or bring in a proven veteran. While the Browns NFL Draft was universally praised, they were questioned for not taking a quarterback in the first round.

Brock Osweiler will compete with one of last year's starters in Cody Kessler, second-round 2017 pick DeShone Kizer, and Kevin Hogan, who got a little playing time with the Browns last year as well.

While Kessler is the leading candidate thanks to his knowledge of the Cleveland Browns playbook, Osweiler has more experience.

While he disappointed in Houston last season, Brock Osweiler still had a winning record thank to a strong defense and won games in Denver as well. Hue Jackson said he is going to throw a lot at Osweiler in the OTAs and training camp to see what he is really made of.