Many have chastised Manchester United in the past for signing Paul Pogba for $115 million. They had reasons to complain because the player didn’t perform exceptionally well during the 2016-2017 season. But things are changing rapidly in the 2017-2018 season as Pogba is likely the Driving Force behind the new Manchester United. The primary reason why Pogba is making such a difference these days is due to the signing of Nemanja Matic. Club manager Jose Mourinho knew what he was doing when he grabbed Matic, and it’s paying off.

Freedom came calling to Paul Pogba

Now, with the team having Matic as a driving force in the midfield, Pogba is free to move around and cause trouble for defenders. In all his games since the beginning of the new season, it’s clear that the Frenchman is leading by example as he seeks to become the leader of this United team.

That doesn’t mean all is well for the player. He wants to be a leader, but at times he acts selfishly. There were several occasions where Pogba should have passed the ball to a fellow teammate but refused to. Furthermore, he gives the ball away too quickly, and his long range shots are not very effective.

In the recent match against Leicester City, he fired six shots at goal, and none managed to hit the target.

That’s the actions of a man finding space but failing to take advantage of it. If he wants to become the future leader of Manchester United, then he needs to be more technical when on the ball.

He also needs to be less selfish at times and learn to trust his teammates. The current squad is outstanding, meaning it doesn’t require a single person to take charge.

Additionally, it would be great if Pogba becomes stronger on the ball.

It’s easy to understand why Chelsea’s record signing, Alvaro Morata keeps falling and losing the ball. He’s new to the English Premier League and doesn’t yet have the strength to keep up with the bigger guys. Not to mention, he’s usually a player who sits on the bench and is not used to being the first choice.

He needs to saddle up

Pogba is far from those things, yet he’s making amateur decisions on the pitch. Nonetheless, he’s doing a splendid job, and the good outweighs the bad. The most important thing is that he’s scoring goals for the club, and seems to be ready to make a bigger impact than he did last season.

With the likes of Matic, Lukaku. Rashford, and Martial in his corner, the Frenchman is expected to deliver.