It holds true that LeBron James is one the most popular basketball players in recent memory. Some would even go so far as to suggest that he is currently the best in the NBA. After all, he has gone to the Finals for eight consecutive times already.

However, despite LeBron James’ success, many still hate him. Most basketball fans does not like his entire existence for various reasons. Interestingly, Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors defended him.

Durant on James

According to Cavaliers Nation, James is again facing scrutiny thanks to the rumors about his upcoming free agency.

Many believe that The King will soon leave Cleveland (again) to pursue another opportunity with a different team. In a recent criticism involving a fan and James, Durant took to Twitter to defend James from his haters. A user that goes by the name of @lildickytweets suggests that James will be “one thousand percent” traded. Durant said that, in one way or another, no one can simply trade “a legend.” He continued to suggest that James is “Cleveland, he gets to hold the cards.”

The conversation on the social media site continued, with @lildickytweets pinpointing the possible toxic relationship between LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert.

The user said if he was James, he would despise Gilbert “for a variety of reasons.” If he was Gilbert, he would want something back from James. Durant claimed that most owners in the league right now have the same mentality when it comes to such business. But, at the end of the day, it is James that is involved.

A more positive outcome nonetheless

The Twitter user continued, saying that it would be best for the Cavaliers to blow up the entire team. He explained that this should be done before LeBron James can even think of leaving the organization for the second time.

But for Durant, there is actually a positive outcome. The NBA champion said that last time James left, the front office of Cleveland acquired three number one picks (with Kyrie Irving being one). So, for Durant, either of the option will do well for both parties.

Although both are somewhat understandable, it cannot be denied that trading or allowing LeBron James to leave is bad for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Besides, he still has a year left on his contract. So, it might be best to give it to him and to allow him to lead the organization. This is most especially sinceIrving is set to depart the team. It is worth noting that the All-Star guard plans to be in a team in which he is the focal point.