Many people were shocked following the trade request of Kyrie Irving, as he opted to exit the franchise that took him on for six years. His decision was reportedly due to him getting tired of being a sidekick to LeBron James. The All-Star point guard seeks to become a focal point in a team, something that he can never do in Cleveland Cavaliers, ESPN reported.

According to ClutchPoints, sports commentator Stephen A. Smith believes that Kyrie Irving never wanted to make his decisions public. However, in one way or another, James found a way to leak it.

Here is everything about this compelling story in a nutshell.

James leaked Irving’s decision to leave Cleveland

Smith said in a recent appearance on ESPN’s Sportscenter that “LeBron James had everything to do with the news getting out.” Basically, Irving never wanted to make the general public know about his decision. As Smith explained, the point guard’s representative and the Cavaliers’ front office met weeks ago. But despite that, not a single word came out. It is a surprising turn of events, considering the timeline involved.

The sports commentator suggested that Kyrie Irving’s trade request was leaked the moment James knew about it. Smith, however, clarified that he is not “going to accuse LeBron of such a thing.” But as far as Irving is concerned, he believes that the All-Star point guard knew and believed this.

Whether or not this is true, there is still no stopping Irving from leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers. This is going to put the team in jeopardy, leaving them with a decision to fill the void that Irving left.

Why Irving is leaving

Before, there were rumors that Kyrie Irving would leave the team if James would opt for a trade.

Obviously, this is not true, as Irving wants to be traded because he no longer wants to play alongside James. He now wants to be the focal point of a team, something that he cannot do with Cleveland. He has, in fact, revealed the teams in his mind, with the San Antonio Spurs being his top choice.

James, on the other hand, reportedly announced his plans of regarding Kyrie Irving’s exit.

He does not want to intervene with whatever decision the Cleveland Cavaliers front office make. Instead, he will focus on his offseason workout regimen and will go straight to training camp. Still, it cannot be denied that Irving’s decision affected James. It is interesting to see how management will cope with the point guard's exit.