Kyrie Irving got his wish of being traded and has ended up with the Boston Celtics. A lot of teams were thrown into the equation as many teams wanted the All-Star point guard. This all came about because Irving surprised the NBA world by breaking the news that he did not want to stay in Cleveland and play with LeBron James anymore.

Another controversial superstar, Kevin Durant had a lot to say about Irving being traded to the Celtics. The two players have a lot more in common than people would think.

What did he have to say?

An article from ESPN news services revealed what the Warriors small forward had to say about the Kyrie Irving trade.

Durant supported Kyrie's decision to depart from the Cavaliers and leave the side of one of the best players in the league currently in LeBron James. He believes that he made the right choice.

Durant stated his comments about the result of the situation on the "The Bill Simmons Podcast." He said, "I can really appreciate what he did. He showed a lot of courage, man, because it's hard to take that type of criticism." It is clear to see that Irving is on another path and on to another chapter with his second team.

Kevin Durant praised Kyrie for his courage and taking the criticism on the whole matter. He added more about why Irving wanted to leave the Cavaliers. He said, "I just think Kyrie just wanted a place where he can focus on just playing basketball and not worrying about the other drama that comes with [playing alongside LeBron James]." Durant is right on the money because it all makes sense.

LeBron could very well end up leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers. There will be a lot of people talking about where he will be going. Kyrie did not want to hear all the noise next season and wanted out, regardless of the fact that he made it three consecutive NBA Finals. But that is what happens when you are one of the best players in the league.

Showcase his talent

The star point guard will be looking to show off his talent and handles with the Celtics next season. He averaged 25.2 points, and 5.8 assists just last season.

The Cavaliers undoubtedly got a great package in return though. They managed to get Isaiah Thomas, who had a stellar season last year and Jae Crowder, along with a big man in Ante Zizic.

They also got a 2018 first-round pick, which could help them draft a young star.

Kyrie and Durant similarity

Both of the players had to make a huge decision and leave the team they have played for many years. It is ideal that the move Irving made reminds Durant of the move he made himself to join the Golden State Warriors and leave behind Russell Westbrook.

Both of these players set out to prove themselves and they left behind amazing players in return. For Durant, he chose the Warriors to finally win a championship, Kyrie already has done that, but he could want to do it on his own. He likely wants to be the superstar and prove that he can carry a team because he has not done that in his career.

Before LeBron showed up in Cleveland, he could not even carry his team to the playoffs.

The similarities are clear between the two and Durant talked about it too. He stated, "Kyrie reminds me of myself, just from the outside looking in." Durant and Irving have similarities, but it could very well be Durant winning once again next year with his team. The Warriors look easily like the best team in the NBA as they secured their assets and signed other players.

All eyes will be set and glued to the television screens when the Cleveland Cavaliers face off against the Boston Celtics in an opener to the season on October 17. We will see how LeBron interacts with Kyrie and if the Celtics could take down the Cavs in the East next year.