There has been a lot of talk about LeBron leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers after next season. Consequently, rumors have linked him of possibly going to the Los Angeles Lakers. James should be looking to go to the San Antonio Spurs instead. It would be the perfect place for him to bring his talents.

Everyone remembers the surreal moment when the king left Cleveland to go to the Miami Heat and then choosing to come back home years later to make things right. He will have to make another fair judgement. The decision to play for the Spurs would place him as one of the greatest ever to play the game of basketball, and it would give him the highest chance of winning more championships to end his career with a bang.

Why the Spurs?

There are plenty of good reasons that LeBron should go to the San Antonio Spurs after next season. The Spurs give the King the highest chance of winning more championships and titles out of all the other teams. I believe that the team has a great organization and coach that would complement him. Coach Gregg Popovich is one of the greatest coaches today in the NBA, and pairing him with LeBron could lead to an unstoppable team.

The Spurs have a great roster and LeBron would benefit from playing with another two-way player, Kawhi Leonard. He would also get to play alongside veteran center Pau Gasol and other weapons in Rudy Gay, among others.

Also, LeBron James does not owe anything to the city of Cleveland — he brought a championship to end the biggest drought in sports.

The sad truth is staying with the Cavaliers is not going to give him another ring and the team is crumbling as we speak. LeBron should be thinking about his legacy and on trying to pass other greats. The best chance he has in doing that is in joining the Spurs.

Superteam possible in LA

It is also possible that LeBron could go and form a 'Big Three' in LA with the Los Angeles Lakers and with the young talent that they have acquired.

They could form a Superteam with Russell Westbrook, Paul George, and the king himself, which would be tough to beat. Carmelo Anthony could even join him, but it is unlikely. However, getting all those players could be very challenging to do with the cap space and other barriers.

Lonzo Ball looks to be the real deal though, but he does have areas where he can improve at.

He can improve his shooting from the three-point line and in mid-range jumpers. Although, that can get better over time, but Ball's passing ability is off the charts and is something special already. He plays the game the right way, looking to pass first, instead of shoot, which makes the team better as a whole and gets everyone involved, just like LeBron does ironically.

Cleveland's offseason

The Cleveland Cavaliers have had plenty of problems and issues over the NBA offseason. Not only did they fire a good GM in David Griffin, but Kyrie Irving made an announcement that he wants out of Cleveland. Irving expressed that he no longer wants to play with James anymore. What he truly wants is to be the star for another team or the main guy.

The Cavaliers were in the sweepstakes to sign former MVP point guard Derrick Rose over the offseason and they were able to sign him to a one-year deal.

Despite everything, LeBron James should choose the Spurs over the big allure of the Los Angeles Lakers and other teams. The Spurs give him the best of both world's and it would make him into a champion and it could even place him over some of the best ever in Michael Jordan, who he is chasing to beat. In my opinion, it would grant him an everlasting legacy and leave a big mark on the game in general.

Kevin Durant is not going anywhere and he will be in LeBron's lane for a long time as the best in today's game. The best chance he has of beating the Golden State Warriors and winning championships would be with the Spurs.