The Eagles might as well have started Jeff Garcia and had Andy Reid coaching when Jordan Matthews left. He was in a good position with a good young quarterback in Carson Wentz. He was on a team that was trending up, and he was traded as part of a blockbuster series of events to the Bills. He went dutifully to the city that does not get enough sunlight in the winter, has a quarterback that is in trouble, and a brand new staff that may not be committed to him. He chipped his sternum, and now the future is in question.

He is still the future

A chipped sternum is not an exciting injury, and it is one that could leave Matthews on the sidelines for some time.

Many people were hoping that he could be a good weapon for Tyrod Taylor, and he will sit until he can heal. Followers of the NFL may remember that Steve McNair did not practice for an entire season with a sternum injury, but he did not get hit nearly as much as Matthews will. The Bills are expecting Matthews to be a breath of fresh air, but he must be on the field to prove that.

The Bills appear to be snake bitten

The Buffalo Bills have not been to the playoffs in a very long time, and they have hired Sean McDermott and a new GM to turn things around. These two brought in Matthews hoping to infuse some hope into their camp, and his injury deflates their offense quite a bit. Matthews is not as much of a talent as Sammy Watkins, and he must wait to get back on the field.

Perhaps he gets a break

Jordan is in a position where he must be given every opportunity to succeed with the Bills, and he will have time to come back and show what he is capable of. Tyrod Taylor would be the first casualty of a bad season this year, and Matthews would likely be cut after the next season if he has not performed.

Being behind the eight ball with this injury does not help his case, and the Bills must show that they are more resilient under their new regime. The Bills could turn the corner, and they will show us if they are able.

He has potential

Matthews is a gifted athlete who has quite a lot of potential, and he must be given the opportunity to make perhaps Tyrod Taylor look good.

He could stretch out to get the balls that were not thrown perfectly, and these two men could create a symbiotic relationship that makes the offense in Buffalo much stronger. Many people in Buffalo want to see Matthews save Taylor, and now they must wait to see if the potential is there. Athletic ability is not enough when one has a chipped sternum.