Jordan Clarkson is aware of the NBA trade rumors swirling but shares that such comes with the job. Mindful of the fact that there is that business side in the league, the Fil-American guard of the Los Angeles Lakers is ready for anything.

Rather than sulk, Clarkson points out that a rumored trade only pushes him to suit up for another team. He remains in the league, so it is not technically the end for him.

A matter of focus

For Clarkson, life goes on. While team owners try to come up with the right mix for their rosters, the 25-year-old knows he has to do his part of staying longer in the league.

That includes improving on his game through workouts and stuff, most of which can be measured each time he takes the floor. If he does get shipped, he considers that a new chapter in his life and likely with a different role. That could range from being a starter or someone off the bench.

Regardless, it all boils down to showing the coach what you can do. Clarkson has already surprised many despite being a late pick, so all that remains is for him to improve on his potential.

Lakers' loss is another team's gain

Compared to his rookie year, Clarkson has somehow been eased out of the mix. He was initially branded as the one to lead the Lakers during the 2016-17 NBA season though he lacked the consistency to fit into that role.

Now under new management, it seems Clarkson will be coming off the bench. New team president Magic Johnson wants to see Clarkson aim for the sixth man award, a motivation that seems to indicate his role for the coming NBA season.

Instead of a starter, Clarkson may be relegated to the bench and relieve either the point guard or off guard.

So does this mean he was really on his way out, to begin with? That certainly looms as a big possibility.

For those who missed it, Clarkson was linked to the potential Paul George trade. Apparently, the deal failed to materialize with PG13 opting to join the Oklahoma City Thunder.

While that could have dodged the bullet, Clarkson could still be traded at any point.

It all depends on how the Lakers perform and how the 46th pick of the 2014 NBA draft blends in with the team.

Either way, all that matters for Clarkson is playing his best and improving. The trade talk may be a distraction though it does test his mental ability to handle the nuisances. Inadvertently, this also serves as a (mental) test for Clarkson with lots more to come for as long as he is still wanted and playing pro ball in the NBA.