With the NBA draft approaching in less than a month, the Los Angeles Lakers are exploring their options to trade Jordan Clarkson. June 22, might be a big day for the Lakers to make their team stronger by trading Clarkson and acquiring another player to boost their team.

There is a huge possibility for the team to trade Jordan Clarkson by the draft deadline. Clarkson is certainly one of the most talented players on the team. The 24-year-old NBA guard has $37.5 million and 3 years left on his contract. Clarkson is a worthy asset for the Lakers to sway in trade discussions, his ability, age, and potential presents him as a unique player, he also has a bright future ahead because there is a lot more to come in his career.

Will the trade be a right move for the Lakers?

Trading Clarkson might turn out to go well for both, the Lakers and Clarkson. It will be a sensible move for the team if they get the right deal He has already proved himself with his performance, in fact, he was the only player who managed to appear in all 82 games last season. Having a great player like Clarkson is one good thing, but making use of the opportunity is another, and the Lakers seem to be open minded on this trade.

Initially, the team's head coach Luke Walton experimented with Clarkson by putting him alongside D'Angelo Russell. For his young age, Clarkson proved to be good keeping up with the other stars on the team. Reports state that the Lakers might also consider options with the other players as well.

At this moment, the trade market swirling around Clarkson might just cut through.

According to the Lakers Nation, the team is acknowledging various aspects of the trade, and they only have Brandon Ingram on their roster.

The Lakers might acquire Jimmy Butler and Paul George

Paul George has always had an urge to play for the Lakers, rumor has it, that the Lakers might just strike a deal with the Indiana Pacers to acquire George this summer.

George will become a free agent only in 2018, and the Laker might not wait for that long.

On the other hand, Jimmy Butler's name has been popping in and out of trade rumors. The Chicago Bulls star could be one of those future players to land up with the Lakers. If any of these rumors become true, then Clarkson's contract will be added to match salaries.

Clarkson signed up for the Lakers last summer, for a $50 million deal. He probably imagined that to be a long-term future with the team. With the NBA draft date approaching fast the chances are that Clarkson might be on his way.