SummerSlam was not the best time to be WWE superstar Rusev. He was scheduled to wrestle 13-time WWE world champion Randy Orton and some wondered if this would finally start a much-deserved push for the professional Wrestling star. It didn't happen. Rusev attacked Orton before the bell and pulverized him. Then, when the bell finally rang, Orton hit the RKO in seconds and won the match.

This week, it seemed that Rusev had reached his limit and WWE rumors indicated that the Bulgarian superstar asked for his release. Rusev even teased it on Twitter on Friday, when he posted something that made it sound like he was leaving.

The problem is that his wife Lana told everyone Wednesday that they were not leaving the biggest wrestling company in the world.

Rusev's downward WWE slide

While most Rusev fans would hate to see the big man leave the WWE, there are still others who believe that he would do better working for almost any other wrestling promotion in the world. There are thoughts that he could go to New Japan and become a major star.

Even Ring of Honor could provide Rusev with a possibility of success that has evaded him in the WWE over the last two years.

This is sad because Rusev was, at one time, one of the brightest wrestling stars in the WWE. He was a monster who was getting a lot of heat with his manager Lana by his side. The two carried out the old tried-and-true anti-American gimmick but Rusev was also talented enough to put on great matches outside of just talking crap about the United States.

Despite all his promise, his only accolades in the WWE was winning the United States title twice. Sadly, he was then used to just push the basic wrestling angle of the top face beating the evil foreigner and was fed to John Cena, ending the monster push of Rusev. After that, he was pushed way down the card and put into a faction with other foreign stars to simply put over Roman Reigns.

Rusev's future in the WWE

To be honest, Lana never said that they were not leaving. She just mocked online journalists, who she claimed were not informed enough to break WWE news like this. That doesn't mean that Rusev and Lana are not leaving for possible brighter wrestling futures. But, on the other hand, Rusev loves to troll fans on social media.

With that said. Rusev returned from injury this year on the same Fourth of July show that John Cena returned. While Rusev started an angle where he said that he was overlooked for Cena in the return, it ended with Cena beating him at Great Balls of Fire. Then, the next month, Randy Orton beat Rusev in seconds at SummerSlam. Even if he is not leaving the WWE, the future for the Bulgarian is not bright right now in professional wrestling.