The basketball community was in shock following Kyrie Irving’s decision to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers. The All-Star point guard requested a trade from the front office in hopes to find a new team. Why? That is because he dreams of being the focal point. Obviously, with James, he cannot be the captain of the ship.

According to ESPN, Kyrie Irving’s decision stems from his desire to be the main guy. Perhaps, the spotlight is more important to him now than winning another NBA title. However, there are those who believe that the move is perhaps due to having a toxic work relationship.

Is toxicity the main issue?

In a report from Forbes, one of the great thinkers in the field of relationship named John Maxwell was asked about his take on the Irving trade issue. He was asked if, in one way or another, the Cavaliers could patch things up and return things to their normal state.

Maxwell, however, was sure that such thing would never happen in the organization. “Kyrie’s good enough to be a number one player on a team,” he said. Unfortunately, Maxwell does not believe in Irving’s potentials to become the number one player on a team. The kind of player “that can make it to a championship.”

Maxwell explained that even if Kyrie Irving is a great player, the team can never play its best when he is on the floor.

He suggested that Irving does not have the kind of leadership bubble, making it difficult for his team to live in. Irving does not even appreciate the things that James does on the floor. Maxwell pointed out that if not for James, Irving will not be able to do what he does best on the court. If he ends up with another team, it is very likely for him to replicate the thing he does in Cleveland.

The lesson it teaches

Maxwell noted that Kyrie Irving’s decision to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers is a lesson that can be both applied on either a personal or business aspect. People should be really careful with what they wish for, most especially if this wish came from the need for more acclaim. In fact, the most noticeable example in the world of sports is none other Neymar, one of the iconic soccer players in recent memory.

Neymar said that playing alongside Messi will result to being looked up as second. Unfortunately for him, the decision to leave Messi has taken its toll on his career.

Kyrie Irving, on the other hand, is in the same boat as Neymar’s. He also wants to take a shot at the spotlight, longing to be the focal point in a team. Forbes adds that Irving’s decision is a result of jealousness. It is really best for players to never allow their ego to dictate their career.