Kyrie Irving is known for his handles and swift drives to the basket. He is even capable of draining huge threes from the arc, making the defense look pale and weak. But perhaps the most clutch shot he made was not on the floor, but rather his decision to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving woke up and decided to not play with his team anymore, specifically with LeBron James. This was, in fact, his primary reason why he left the organization for good. He is simply tired of being under the shadow of The King. But interestingly, this might be the wisest decision he has ever made in his life, so to speak.

Why Irving’s departure is only right?

According to Slate, everything that is happening in Cleveland right now is courtesy of the organization’s owner Dan Gilbert. In fact, if not for LeBron James, Gilbert is nothing. He has no substantial resume to prove his significance, except for the fact that he is the owner. He has done a lot of awful decisions, with the latest being the exit of former general manager David Griffin. This was a very critical move, leaving the team with no GM during the draft and the official start of the free agency. Heck, if Griffin was still the GM, there is no doubt Jimmy Butler would have been a Cavalier by now.

Going back to Kyrie Irving, his experiences with Gilbert might have taken a toll.

For sure, his awfulness in managerial proficiency is just among the logical reason behind Irving’s decision to request a trade. At the end of the day, there is a definite reason why the point guard decided to leave. Whether or not he wants to let the world know about it is a total mystery. But as far as weighing his decision, it is completely understandable, which leads to the explanation below.

Irving and his significance in Cleveland

First and foremost, he is a very significant player in the Cleveland Cavaliers. Kyrie Irving has proven himself to be a full-fledged franchise player, something he did when James was still in Miami. But ever since James came back, Irving’s popularity in the franchise gradually diminished.

It has been overshadowed by James’ greatness, leaving Irving to play the Robin role. But despite that, the two went to give Cleveland its championship title after decades of drought.

Kyrie Irving’s decision is all about being the main guy on a team. He wants to be the franchise’s focal point, but as long as Cleveland has James, he will not be able to achieve it.