Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been notorious for changing his mind when it comes to the boxing. He is set to face UFC champion Conor McGregor on Aug. 29, a match that he is expected to win handily.

Mayweather is expected to make over $100 million, numbers which may be tough to beat. A bigger purse is possible but it looks like it may take more than that for him to return for another fight. The plan is for Floyd to return back to his retirement hiatus after the fantasy card happening at the T-Mobile Arena.

No interest in facing winner of Alvarez vs Golovkin

Several weeks after the Mayweather vs McGregor fight, an official blockbuster boxing match will follow. This is the one between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin, something that will ironically take place at the T-Mobile Arena as well.

The Alvarez vs Golovkin match is expected to be an action-packed affair with both looking for a big knockout. Aside from that, the match will be about pride to settle who between Alvarez and Golovkin is truly the best middleweight of this era.

Mayweather ranks up there with Alvarez and Golovkin. But since he is technically retired, the best boxer of this time will either be the Mexican or the Kazakhstan. Could this woo back Mayweather for the sake of proving he is still the best there is in boxing?

No longer about money

Right now, Mayweather could care less. Apparently, he believes he has nothing more to prove. Not even Big Money may tempt him to figure in another match according to his interview with Stephen A. Smith.

With big money taken out of the equation, seeing Floyd fight further looks gloomier than ever. If he sticks to that decision, the fight with the Irishman will cap his storied career.

Health comes first for Floyd

There are groups who could still try to dangle big money to Mayweather. That plus some more convincing could work though holding no promise. The 40-year-old is also looking out for his health, something he also stressed to Al Haymon prior to the McGregor fight.

With Mayweather already accomplished in the sport, there is nothing more to prove.

Despite criticism thrown on him for taking on less-heralded fighters, the fact remains that "Money" has masterfully engineered his boxing career.

Against McGregor, the same punch-and-dance tactic is expected. However, Mayweather's conditioning may be put to the test. McGregor is reportedly in top shape, meaning he can keep up with the cat-and-mouse game with the American boxer.

Then again, Mayweather could choose to go for a knockout. McGregor is inexperienced and seems to be more concerned about entertaining fans. Also, Paul Malignaggi revealed how McGregor was taking things a bit too easy and failed to cover-up. With the right punch, Mayweather could end his career with a big KO victory.