Willie Reed could be getting a legal reprieve. The former Miami Heat and current Los Angeles Clippers center was arrested over the weekend on suspicion of domestic battery. His wife, however, does not appear eager to pursue charges against her husband. That could lead to a quick end on the legal side of things. That doesn't mean the NBA is going to pass on having a say in the matter, though.

Reed's wife defends him

Jasmine Reed released a statement about the incident through her attorney. In that statement, she disputed many of the facts that were initially reported about the case.

She claimed that she never called the police on her husband. She also said that the news reports escalated the incident more than it needed to be. In the police report, it was alleged that Willie Reed pulled her hair, grabbed her, and dragged her. Jasmine didn't specifically refute that part of the report in her statement.

Additionally, Jasmine has asked that the matter at hand be kept private. She does not want the Miami police or any prosecutors to interview her, does not the stay-away order between her and Willie to remain in place, and doesn't wish to see charges pursued, claiming she does not fear her husband. Without her cooperation, it will be difficult for prosecutors to pursue any charges against the center, who signed with the Clippers recently after a one-year stint with the Heat; he was working out in Miami when the alleged incident occurred.

Reed versus the NBA

The NBA isn't tied to the legal system regarding internal discipline. They could still decide to issue a punishment against Reed if the league decides the former Heat center violated their bylaws. The league has a developing history of punishing those with domestic violence issues. The two significant examples are Darren Collison, who was suspended for eight games after pleading guilty to domestic battery, and Jefferey Taylor, who was suspended for 24 games after pleading guilty to domestic assault and several other charges.

The Clippers could also take action against Reed. The team made it clear that they were monitoring developments when news of the Miami incident broke over the weekend. They did sign Reed to a one-year minimum, so it wouldn't cost much for the team to part ways with him. They'll probably wait for the legal system and work hand and hand with the league to figure out the best course of action moving forward.