The Sacramento Kings could find themselves without one of their free-agent acquisitions once the season begins. According to a report by ESPN and the associated press, Zach Randolph was arrested on a charge of possessing marijuana with the intent to sell. Randolph was signed to the Kings this offseason on a two-year deal worth $24 million.

Why 'intent to sell' was in the report

In the video attached to the article featuring Stephen A. Smith from ESPN First Take, the journalist and broadcaster put it in the best terms. Smith described why the words "intent to sell" were in the report.

Smith says that the words were there because of the amount of marijuana Randolph had in his possession. For a man that has made over $150 million in his career, it would be shocking if he was going to smoke all of it on his own.

Smith goes on to say that it's possible some friends and he could use it, but it didn't make sense that he would sell it based on his career earnings. He said it was a shame and disgusting that Randolph had so much on him, and it's unfortunate that he is even in this situation.

Randolph was an integral part of the Memphis Grizzlies' success when he was on the team. He helped the team make the postseason in seven straight seasons, including the Western Conference Finals in the 2012-2013 season before losing to the San Antonio Spurs.

The team announced that they were going to retire his number this season. The fans loved him for his work ethic and his ability to do the dirty work on the floor, as well as his rough upbringing.

What's next for Randolph?

It's too early to see what will happen, but he could be charged with a felony. The situation featured a disturbance call that resulted in five damaged police cars.

The police recovered two guns, impounded two guns, and found narcotics. Randolph was eventually released on $20,000 bond around 4:30 a.m. His agent released a statement hoping that the matter will be resolved soon. Randolph's court hearing is August 31st.

Randolph could have been a bystander, but he should have not been in the situation in the first place.

He is a 35-year-old veteran that should know the difference between right and wrong. Randolph should face at least a fine, but he should also face a suspension to show the league what careless decision making can lead to. Commissioner Adam Silver has not released a statement yet, but he will surely be looking into the matter very soon.

Randolph was supposed to be a mentor figure to the younger players on the Kings' roster. This is not a good start.