There has been no update on former UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier since falling to Jon Jones at UFC 214. It was his second-straight defeat at the hand of “Bones,” something that left him distraught and emotional.

The frustration of yet another loss was seen in his eyes after the loss. He was left in tears, visibly left pondering on his future. To date, there is no word on that though American Kickboxing Academy teammate Luke Rockhold shares some update on that.

Cormier will get his act together

According to Rockhold in an interview with the MMA Hour, D.C.

is still sulking but slowly regaining his spirits back. He adds that Cormier has a bright future ahead of him. Right now, the former champion is spending more time with his family as he figures out what to do next.

Time will only tell what Cormier has planned. The last UFC fans heard of him was publicly addressing his loss on social media and congratulation Jones. Other than that, all has been quiet on his end.

What the future holds

At 38, Cormier could consider retirement if he wanted to. But looking at the competitive spirit that has temporarily taken a step back and that could take time.

Outside the Octagon, Cormier also serves as a broadcaster for the UFC and Fox. While this seems to be where he will be eventually headed, there is no immediate indication that he will settle for it and call it a career.

Rockhold singles out how the pressure of being on a big stage has taken its toll on the former champion. Time heals all wounds though there is no telling how long Cormier will need to regain his bearings.

A potential return fight to the Octagon will also require Cormier to work his way back to the top. As he said, there is no legacy if you lose to a guy two times in a row.

Unless the UFC warrants the third fight, Cormier will need to weigh his options. Fighting again may see him take on other up and rising fighters – technically another challenge if he ends up fighting younger light heavyweights.

The magnitude of his UFC 214 main event was surreal, so the big fall was understandable. A timely head kick by Jones to Cormier spelled the difference, and that will haunt D.C.

moving forward. In short, getting over the mental anguish of losing abruptly will equally be challenging.

Despite the odds Cormier is facing, Rockhold is confident his friend will get it together. The only thing he cannot say for now is how much time Cormier will need to get over this hump.