After missing the 2014 NBA Finals and LeBron James returning back to Cleveland, The Miami Heat already missed two of three playoffs. Sadly, many basketball analysts and experts think the team is heading for another early exit this coming season.

Yet there’s but one bright prospect which could help turn the tide in favor of the Heat -- Kyrie Irving. The four-time All-Star 6’3” point guard wants out of LeBron’s shadows after three NBA Finals and one championship. And one of the teams he looks forward to playing with is the Miami Heat.

Not that the Cavaliers front office is obliged only to transact among those four teams Kyrie wants -- it doesn’t work that way.

Yet the Heat management reciprocated Kyrie’s wish with an offer that includes their no. 1 scorer, Goran Dragic, and Justise Winslow as part of the trade package.

According to RealGM Trade Checker, trading Goran and Winslow for Kyrie satisfy the provision of the new CBA (Trade ID #6934688). But the question that should be answered is -- are these assets enough for the Cavaliers to let Kyrie go?

The Miami offer

If there’s but one problem with the Miami offer, it’s because Goran is six years older than Kyrie; but that’s why they added Winslow. Goran’s stats are almost on equal footing with Kyrie’s; he even owns a slight edge when it comes to shooting percentage!

The only “big” difference is, Kyrie’s 25.2 points per game average last season was done while playing alongside the likes of LeBron and Kevin Love.

That’s almost five full points compared to Goran’s 20.3ppg last season. And who are the NBA certified scorers did he play with?

No, not Hassan Whiteside, though he is closing in to become an offensive threat. But there are so many things to develop when it comes to offense, especially since most big men are adapting to “stretch” plays.

Certainly not Dion Waiters, who recently made a remark on Kyrie’s desire to join the Miami Heat squad: “Just know there’s an alpha male over there too in myself.”

Hassan Whiteside-Kyrie Irving connection

Speaking of Hassan, here’s one fact: he has never attempted to shoot a three-pointer in his entire NBA career! Not just yet, though.

However, he’s main forte is defense and rebounding, and that’s a big thing. And that’s also the reason why he’s not on the trade table; he’s untouchable.

Nevertheless, he’s becoming a real force down the baseline. In his three years with the Miami Heat, he’s scoring average are continuously rising, and fast! Kyrie’s ability to break the defense will definitely become a big factor to improve Hassan’s offense. Here’s a preview of what Kyrie Irving-Hassan Whiteside connection can do: