Jon Jones is all set to engage reigning UFC light heavyweight champion, Daniel Cormier, this weekend, a long overdue rematch that will (hopefully) materialize. Jones is a favorite over Cormier, and it looks like the former champion is already looking past UFC 214.

Jones was responding to questions via Facebook Live, a promotion for his upcoming clash with Cormier. There were plenty of questions thrown, one of which was a possible match against current WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar.

The Beast Incarnate is technically retired though he did appear in UFC 200 against Mark Hunt.

Lesnar won that match though it was tainted with drug-related issues. He has since concentrated on wrestling and is currently embroiled in a storyline with Samoa Joe.

Jones may have said too much

Transcribing the response of “Bones,” it seems he was open to facing Lesnar if the opportunity comes. While the tone of his reply seemed blunt, the part where he cast doubts on Lesnar accepting the match may have ignited a fire inside the Beast Incarnate.

Though the chat seemed harmless, a potential fight between the two behemoths will definitely garner attention. It technically turned out that way with Lesnar responding to Jones’ wish.

When the UFC/ WWE star was asked on whether he would entertain a fight with Jones, the 40-year-old monster simply responded by saying “Anytime, anywhere.” He added though that before looking that far, Jones may want to set his head straight and worry about Cormier before looking beyond.

The bad or good timing for Jones?

Ironically, word has been spreading of Lesnar possibly returning to the UFC. A lot of that was sparked by the state of his current contract with the WWE. His deal is good until Wrestlemania 34 though it technically renews itself unless either side decides to terminate it.

Regardless, Lesnar doesn’t need to worry about that seeing how the UFC and WWE have collaborated in the past.

UFC 200 is a prime example where the WWE even helped out a bit on the promotion side.

Assuming Jones does win over Cormier at UFC 214, expect the attention to shift to a Jones vs. Lesnar match. Lesnar would have all the reason to go after Jones, a victory of which would make him the UFC light heavyweight champion.

Then again, that depends as well on Cormier.

If D.C. loses, expect a rematch to come first before that dream bout. If those developments are factored in, a sensible date to see a Jones vs. Lesnar card may be after Wrestlemania 34.

Right now, it is all about Cormier vs. Jones for UFC 214. Depending on the outcome, attention is likely to shift to a potential Jones vs. Lesnar fight – likely for 2018.