Unless something dramatic happens again, the long overdue rematch between UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier and former champion Jon Jones will finally take place this weekend at UFC 214. Those who have followed the career of the two are familiar with the situation – both hate each other profusely.

For the record, Jones is 1-0 over Cormier inside the Octagon. The former defeated “D.C.” at UFC 182 and planned rematches had been called off multiple times. Right now, it looks like it will be happening unless another discovery similar to UFC 200 (drug violation) crops up.

"The Spider" sees fear in D.C.’s heart

Speaking of UFC 200, there was someone who bravely took Jones’ place to ensure the event went on as scheduled. Anderson Silva stepped up on “Bones’” behalf though Cormier still managed to pull that one off with some heavy wrestling tactics.

Seeing that Silva was not prepared for that fight, the outcome was expected. The match did go the full route, and The Spider reportedly told Jones that he felt fear in the heart of the reigning champion.

“I’m an old man now, and Daniel had to take me down round after round because I felt fear coming off of him. This man has fear in his heart,” according to Jones.

From there, Jones adds that Silva told him to get his head together and hit that soft spot.

While he admitted the advice was welcome, he stresses that he is a different fighter and that Cormier would not be able to do the same with him once the two face each other at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California this coming Saturday.

Jones has been away from UFC action for quite some time so his performance this weekend will be interesting.

He has only fought once since April 2016. He does keep himself in shape, but most know the difference of always competing. Being one up over Cormier could be motivation, but all that was way back in 2015.

Cormier scoffs at fear

As far as Cormier is concerned, Silva’s advice to Jones is meaningless. The point is he won over “The Spider, ” and that is the reality.

He also points out that Silva’s comments may be nothing more than to motivate his rival to avenge that UFC 200 loss.

Evidently unfazed, both get to let it all out this Saturday at UFC 214 to see who deserves to wear the UFC light heavyweight belt. Despite being out of action, Jones is a favorite over Cormier. However, this is one of the rare instances where bad blood is present – meaning such could factor in when both collide inside the cage.