The Cleveland Cavaliers have just made their big trade move with Kyrie Irving. The Boston Celtics have acquired their point guard, and there were rumors of Carmelo Anthony from the New York Knicks moving to the Cavs. With the present situation, the Cavaliers might not be in a position to strike a deal with the Knicks for Anthony.

Carmelo Anthony is a strong asset for the Knicks and is known to be one of the best power forwards. That said, there are many teams that would be interested in acquiring Carmelo. On the other hand, NBA trade rumors have been swirling around LeBron James.

Will Cavs trade LeBron to the Lakers?

LeBron James will be hitting the NBA free agency next summer, and one team that is highly interested in him is the Los Angeles Lakers. The choice is left up to James to stay with the Cavs or move to another team. However, the Lakers are believed to be his prime destination.

James has many reasons to play for the Lakers. According to the Lakers Nation, he could create a path to an ownership stake in Los Angeles. Apparently, he would also have chances to set up his career in TV and movie production. LeBron has founded a production based company in Los Angeles. Moreover, his best friends Rich Paul and Maverick Carter has moved to the same city. Paul and Carter are also his business manager and agent.

With a list of reason to move to the Lakers, the Cleveland Cavaliers star might be on his way soon.

The Cavs might trade James before free agency

As for the Cleveland Cavaliers, striking a deal with the Los Angeles Lakers for James right now might be impossible. The Cavs have just traded Kyrie Irving and James is one of their key players.

Letting go of James to the Lakers just after Irving's trade might not be their option, but the Cavs will surely consider trading him before he enters free agency.

The Cavs have also acquired their 2018 first round pick from the Brooklyn Nets. The Lakers will also have enough cap space to sign two max caliber NBA superstars next summer.

Out of which, LeBron could be one of those stars. There are two players that might sign up with Los Angeles next season. Along with James Paul George has also been on the list for a long time.

George has preferred the Lakers as his landing spot much before he could be traded from the Indiana Pacers. The Lakers tried to get a shot with the Pacers for George, but for some reason, they could not strike a deal. If James moves to Los Angeles along with George next summer, the Lakers would be stronger than before.