The Cleveland Cavaliers just landed their point guard from the Boston Celtics. Now that things are settling down with the Celtics and the Cavs it seems that the New York Knicks are still looking for options for their power forward, Carmelo Anthony. When it comes to players like Anthony, the Knicks will make sure they get a potential player in return.

There have been various trade rumors involving the New York Knicks trading Anthony to the Houston Rockets. Things did not seem to work out with the Rockets. With the latest trade rumors, it seems that the Knicks might strike a deal with the Cavaliers for their power forward.

Do the Cavs need Carmelo Anthony?

NBA trade rumors have been swirling around the Cleveland Cavaliers ever since Kyrie Irving requested a trade. Even though Irving has left the team, the rumors are still surrounding the Cavs. The Cleveland Cavaliers have just made a trade with the Boston Celtics. Hence, they might not consider a trade at this moment.

On the other hand, the New York Knicks are looking out for all their best possibilities for their power forward. Carmelo Anthony has agreed to waive his no trade clause, but there is no guarantee that the Cavs would want to strike a deal with the Knicks. The 33-year-old Knicks forward has been on the trade block for a long time. There is no doubt that many teams would want to get their hands on a player like Carmelo Anthony.

New York Knicks were interested in Kyrie Irving

Over the past few months, the Knicks have been trying to strike a deal with the Cavs. They would have probably tried to get a hold of Kyrie Irving by giving up Carmelo Anthony. It all depends on the team that is interested in acquiring Carmelo Anthony. The Knicks know that Anthony has an advantage with his no-trade-clause, but they seem to be trying to grant his wish by striking a deal with the Houston Rockets.

The Rockets would love to have a player like Carmelo but the situation seems to not permit them at the moment. Houston was also one of those teams on the list that tried to get a hold of Kyrie Irving. The New York Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek seems to be happy with Anthony still on the team. Recently he attended one of Anthony’s training sessions.

With the current situation, the Cavs seem to be settled with their package from the Boston Celtics. As for the Cavs, they have completed Irving's wish for a trade after almost a month. The New York Knicks president Steve Mills will ensure that the team gets a proper deal for Anthony.