The Tampa Bay Bucs were not going to put up with anymore misses. After one season, and barely a preseason, the Bucs decided to waive kicker Robert Aguayo. The Tampa Bay kicker missed an extra point in the second quarter against the Cincinnati Bengals. He also missed a 47-yard field goal attempt that sailed wide right. Veteran kicker Nick Folk will take over the team's starting place kicker.

The Bucs should have learned that drafting up for a kicker is a bad business move. The Bucs traded up to the second round of the 2016 NFL draft to select Aguayo.

He is now added to a list of wasted draft picks on kickers in the early rounds. Take a look at the company that he joins.

Alex Henery-Round Four-Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles drafted Henery out of the University of Nebraska in the 2011 draft. Henery hasn't played in an NFL game since the 2014 season. Henery spent three seasons with the Eagles. His career high in field goals made was in 2013 with 27. His career long was 51 yards. After his stint in Philadelphia, he joined the Detroit Lions but was one of five in field goal attempts. He has not been signed since.

Nate Kaeding-Round Three-San Diego Chargers

Kaeding was selected out of the University of Iowa in 2004. Kaeding might have enjoyed the most success out of high draft picks used on kickers.

He had six solid seasons that featured a career high of 32 field goals made in 2009. However, Kaeding left the league at the age of 30. Given that kickers are supposed to be able to stick around, Kaeding should have stuck around for a longer time.

Jeff Chandler-Round Four-San Francisco 49ers

Chandler was one of two kickers selected in the fourth round of the 2002 NFL draft.

Chandler never enjoyed a lot of success. Chandler was 19 for 27 in his career and never played past the 2004 season. After going 0 for 2 in his stint with the Carolina Panthers, it led to him leaving the league forever.

Roberto Aguayo-Round Two-Tamba Bay Bucs

Aguayo could rebound with a team in the future. Call it nerves or pressure, but Aguayo had a miserable season as a kicker.

He finished 22 of 31 on field goal attempts this season with a 71-percent completion rating. His mark was the lowest among kickers in the NFL. He was the highest used draft pick on a kicker since Mike Nugent in 2005, so the pressure was on when he was selected. However, he is out of a job now. The kicker had a fantastic career at Florida State as he finished with a 96.73-percent completion rating.