Timothy Bradley Jr. announced his retirement Saturday night from professional Boxing. Bradley spent 12 years competing professionally in the sport and is a five-time champ in two different weight classes. His last fight official fight took place 16 months ago against the guy that just announced he would hold out on retirement for a rematch with Jeff Horn, Manny Pacquiao. The fight was the final of their three-fight trilogy. One of Bradley's most notable career victories was against Manny in the first of the three matches.

Bradley leaves the sport with an impressive boxing record of 33 wins, just two losses, and one tie.

The only two losses of his career come from Pacquiao. His last victory came almost two years ago against Brandon Rios for the WBO welterweight title. Some other memorable wins for Tim came against elite fighters like Lamont Peterson, Juan Manuel Marquez, and Jessie Vargas. He will be remembered one of the most fierce light-welterweight champions of all-time.

Bradley's publicist, Lance Pugmire, released a statement regarding his retirement and what led to his decision via Twitter

"Bradley told me he decided to retire on the flight home from Australia after watching Pacquiao take on so much punishment from Horn."

Emotional departure and statement to fans

The decision to retire was not something easy for Tim to do as his skills have shown just how much love he has for the sport of boxing.

Although his publicist released a statement via Twitter to confirm the news, Bradley himself went to Instagram to say farewell and thank his fans for their support.

"I hope to continue to allow boxing in my world through teaching, commentating and being a fan of a sport I love so dearly."

"Thank you for cheering me on when I didn't deserve it, loving me most when I needed it and for being my heartbeat to keep going day after day.

I am the man I am today because of you all."

Entering the world of commentary

Outside of the ring, Bradley has been enjoying the world of commentary. He recently called the Pacquiao-Horn fight and seemed to be a natural at the position.

After the fight, he was asked several questions by Stephen A. Smith about his opinion on the fight. However, to know surprise it turned into more of a heated debate from Smith's end. Bradley argued that Manny's age showed during the fight and felt that had a lot to do with the judges decision.

He also said that it looked like a "Rocky fight" due to the fact Pacquiao had a substantial amount of blood coming from his face. He did say ultimately he felt that Manny indeed won the fight, but he understood why the judges decided to go in the other direction. The debate between Bradley and Smith was just the first glimpse of what seems to be an exciting new position for Tim moving forward in his career.