The debate on whether Manny Pacquiao was actually robbed of a win against Jeff Horn continues with most believing that a rematch best settles it. But the question now is whether that would be the best way to move forward for the Filipino boxing icon.

In the eyes of many, Pacquiao won the match. A lot had to do with his ninth round barrage plus the boxing stats which were clearly not factored in the boxing match. The situation is no different from the Timothy Bradley Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao first meeting and most feel that this will be happening again.

In defense of Horn

For those who really watched the fight, Horn actually went to work in the preliminary rounds. Pacquiao still had those fast punches, but Horn was a step ahead. They may not have been solid punches, but the fact remained he piled up the points – even if they were small ones in select rounds.

Some singled out his dirty tactics, a familiar complaint when one thinks about how Juan Manuel Marquez knocked out the boxer/ senator in 2012. Dirty as it may seem, the referee somehow failed to catch it. So is it a form of making an excuse?

Best revenge is no rematch

Looking over the controversial match, a rematch is what Pacquiao and company want. Some Pac-Man supporters want it as well though it does bring up some thoughts.

One is, could this all be planned? At 38, Pacquiao is no longer the same fighter he used to be. The strength behind his punches are not the same as before when he used to KO past opponents. Age may be a factor though his decision to multitask may be to blame. The last time he knocked out an opponent was in 2009. This was a TKO win over Miguel Cotto in the 12th round.

As far as a rematch is concerned, a looming trilogy could be the swan song for the eight-time division champ. Some believe this was the original script and it is pretty much shaping up to be that way.

If not, critics believe that the best way to get back at Horn is to focus on someone else. This is assuming Pacquiao wants to fight again and perhaps end his career with a bang.

This may sound weird, but most fail to see beyond what goes on in the ring. A rematch would help Horn more since he is a rising fighter in need of backing. For Pacquiao, he has nothing more to prove other than revenge for that loss.

Pacquiao has already achieved a lot, and the only mistake he may have made is retiring when he was already on top. His competitive nature is likely the reason but moving forward; he needs to make decisions using his wits and not his knuckles.