Stephen A. Smith is well known for criticizing LeBron James and he recently had a few more things to say about the Cleveland Cavaliers forward. On ESPN's First Take, Smith called LeBron out for being a "crybaby", and although he appreciates James' greatness and all of the achievements he's earned, Smith doesn't respect some aspects of his game.

Smith has criticized LeBron James ever since he came into the league, and it will most likely not change anytime soon. However, you could argue that he stepped out of line with this complaint about James.

The reason why Stephen A. Smith criticized LeBron

It's been a frustrating season for the Cleveland Cavaliers as they've fought with numerous injuries which caused them to lose a lot of important games. Recently, the Cavaliers lost the first seed in the eastern conference and that caused additional frustration for the players. With things going downhill, LeBron James wasn't satisfied with the team and he publicly expressed his irritation a few days ago.

During the game against the Indiana Pacers, LeBron got into a heated argument with his teammate Tristan Thompson. James wasn't satisfied with Thompson's effort and he made sure to let him know it. However, he did it on the floor and in front of thousands of fans, which Stephen A.

Smith did not like very much.

Was Stephen A. Smith right?

Even though he's criticized LeBron James a lot, it doesn't mean that Stephen A. Smith's comments are wrong. Smith called LeBron the best basketball player in the world and said that's the reason why he simply cannot do some of the things that he does, such as pointing fingers at his teammates when things are going bad.

LeBron is indeed the best basketball player and no one is even close to him in terms of basketball skills. However, there is definitely some room for improvement when it comes to leadership and James' attitude towards his teammates. The four-time MVP is a fantastic player and a great teammate, but he could and should do a better job controlling his emotions on the floor. It is easier said than done, but the best player in the world should definitely work on it so no one calls him a crybaby anymore.