The Boston Red Sox are flying under the radar because of the success of the Yankees this season. The Yankees have been a year or two ahead of schedule on their rebuild, and the Red Sox save remained in front of them in the Al East. The team has posted another comeback, and they are matching the Yankees for every win and more. The Red Sox are 13 of 15 of late, and the Yankees have won three fewer games in that same time. Are the Red Sox putting the AL East out of reach?

The Yankees are a wild card team

The Yankees are making move for a playoff push, but they are not finished with their rebuild.

The Red Sox are a much better team because they are constructed to win right now. They have Chris Sale, and they have an offense that produces. The Yankees have an offense, and they have pitching that works. They have made trades, but they are not deep enough. They are losing extra games because of a lack of general depth, and that is what leaves the Red Sox in front.

They need to hurry up

The Sox must hurry up if they plan to win while the Yankees are not yet ready to contend. The Sox will be pushed out of the way when Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez have another season to improve. These two teams will cross paths as the Sox will go back into rebuild mode after winning a World Series in 2013, and the Yankees could be prepared to go on a run that mirrors the late 90s.

The Sox know that their situation is a bit dire, and they must work hard to recover their division title before the Yankees catch up. These recent comebacks show that they are doing the right things.

Will the division matter?

There is a massive amount of pressure on the Yankees in New York. The Red Sox are under pressure to win, but the fans believe that they have good odds.

They will feel less pressure even if they lose the division, and they must ensure that they are healthy for the postseason. The Yankees are pressing simply to make the playoffs, and the division is a dream come true for them. Two teams that are in different phases of development view the division title differently, and the Red Sox are happy to remain in front without overdoing it.

The Boston Red Sox are in good position to help their chances of winning another title under Farrell, and they must remain in a static mode as they approach the playoffs. They may let the Yankees play from behind, and the Yankees could wear themselves out simply because they are working so hard to win a division title this year.