Manny Pacquiao vs. Jeff Horn will face each other again, likely in November once Top Rank promoter Bob Arum can pull strings. There are a lot of factors to consider, and one of them depends on the schedule of the eight-time division champion who also serves as a Senator in the Philippines.

Rematch in Australia again

With the first match taking place in Brisbane, Filipinos are likely to lash out with reports from the Manila Times that the rematch will most probably be held in Australia again. Most believe that Pacquiao got the raw end of the officiating basically because it was Horn’s own turf.

Regardless, Pacquiao seems unfazed and only concerned about redemption. The Filipino boxing icon struggled in the early rounds but landed punches that mattered on Horn. Nevertheless, the judges saw it another way en route to Horn winning the WBO welterweight title. To this day, boxing experts and fans are still aghast on the outcome which most believed was a robbery in Brisbane.

All is well with Top Rank, Pacquiao?

Curiously, the fact that Arum is behind the rematch has drawn some criticism. Pacquiao’s contract with Top Rank expired after the Horn fight, but it seems that is not the case.

Further, Pacquiao clarified reports that he is at odds with Arum and Top Rank. He continues to pin the blame on the referees and judges, opting to touch on the matter as minimal as he can.

What are the repercussions for Pacquiao vs. Horn 2

There are just two scenarios likely to happen if the fight is made official for November. A Pacquiao win will likely set up a rubber match, one that could very well be the last fight of Pac-Man’s career.

The potential scenario has drawn a howl from the boxing world, most singling out how the matchup has followed the disgusting route of being a money-making scheme.

On the other hand, another win by Horn would be disastrous for Pacquiao. A consecutive loss means that Pacquiao is likely done with the sport, meaning the third meeting or facing another fighter will come with a bad taste in the mouth.

Pacquiao is not getting any younger. He is set to turn 39 on Dec. 17, nearing the 40-years-old mark where only a few fighters have managed success.

While he is busy attending to his political duties, a loss would severely tarnish his stock, possibly leaving the sport haphazardly.

Some may care less, probably even stand up for him. But the fact here is that Pacquiao’s stock has diminished severely since he started venturing out, multitasking which has obviously taken his focus out of the boxing ring.