Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao lost the WBO light welterweight title to Australian Jeff Horn, in a confrontation which was held in Brisbane on Sunday, reported by the Guardian.

All three judges unanimously awarded the victory to 29-year-old Horn. The account of judicial notes: 117-111, 115-113, 115-113.

During the battle rounds

During the boxing battle, 38-year-old Pacquiao managed to achieve a serious advantage.

In the first round, Horn looked preferable, as he struck in batches and thereby forced Pacquiao to spend more time on the defensive. But in subsequent rounds, the Filipino tried to catch the style of Australian boxing and began to defend him with accented blows.

During the fight, the boxers were exchanging blows, which looked more interesting, although Pacquiao tried to defend Horn with 182 of 573 blows (32 percent) while he landed only 92 of 625 (15 percent). In the end, both fighters received a cut.

In the sixth round, Horn seriously shook Manny with the right blow, and yet Pacquiao stood on his feet.

In the middle of the fight, Pacquiao no longer had a clear advantage over the opponent, as he was skillfully counterattacked and even attacked. Plus his size led to it

In the seventh round, Pacquiao got a second cut in the heads-up clash and, in general, gave the round to the opponent, who attacked more and correspondingly got more.

In the ninth round, Pacquiao went ahead and seriously hit Horn several times, thereby taking the advantage of the weariness of the Australian. Manny could have completed the fight by knockout, but Jeff held out.

The final rounds of the boxers had a mixed success with blood-smeared faces, yet the referee gave the victory to the Australian (115-113, 115-113,117-111).

Judges' decision was controversial

As the media noted, the decision of the judges became at least controversial. ESPN channel journalist Dan Rafael, who covered the fight, called the result "rotten" and said that the verdict of the judges disappointed him, because Horn, in his opinion, had not won this fight.

On social media, many viewers categorically disagreed with the decision and expressed negative reactions to judge Waleska Roldan's 117-111 card.

ESPN opened the voting on its Twitter account, asking the users if they agree with the verdict of the judges

This is the seventh defeat in the career of the illustrious Filipino and the 17th victory for the Australian, who so far remains undefeated. Manny Pacquiao said he accepted the decision of the judges and is ready for a rematch, which is stipulated in the contract.