Patrick Beverley hardly gained attention, most see it as a sensible way for the Houston Rockets to get Chris Paul to their fold. However, it turns out that the 29-year-old asked to be moved first and that the CP3 trade made it all easier.

Speaking to ESPN, Beverley revealed his request to get a bigger chance and opportunity. Hence, the celebrated trade came just at the right moment with the former University of Arkansas technically exchanging places with the all-star guard.

Will Beverley shine in LA?

Seeing how things were done with Paul quarterbacking for the Clippers, there may be some changes in LA.

That would include seeing the guy who brings the ball up, not to mention feeding the big guys such as Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan.

Many see the exit of CP3 as a big blow to the campaign of coach Doc Rivers though Beverley has shown he can play ball as well. Younger and with more consistency, the trade could eventually work out if Beverley dances to the tune of Rivers and the coaching staff.

Looking ahead, Beverley faces an uphill climb to collect the trust of his teammates and the rowdy Clippers fans. With an overhauled lineup, Beverley stands as one of the familiar NBA names alongside Austin Rivers and company.

If his stint with the Rockets is any indication, that could happen. The only question now is the time element since he is technically a new face.

He may be in for a rough start but expected to run the show the right way, hopefully, similar or better than Paul.

Will the Harden-Paul connection work?

Curiously, Beverley believes that Chris Paul and James Harden will be able to blend in well. Most question the chemistry that the two will have, particularly when it comes to holding the ball for long spells.

According to Beverley, only people who play the game can understand all that. It all boils down to adjustment with the veteran guard citing multiple scenarios that include Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors.

While Beverley may eventually reach his peak, the immediate task at hand is helping the Clippers get the monkey off its back.

Despite talent-laden rosters the past years, the Clips have struggled to reach the NBA Finals. Will it be different this time around?

It all depends on how hard he and the Clippers will play. He stressed how playing hard is more of skill in the NBA nowadays, something that eventually reaps dividends.

True enough, most hardly paid attention to the Warriors when they started out with Steph Curry, Thompson, and Draymond Green. The trio flourished, and soon other players wanted in – like Kevin Durant. Can Beverley motivate the team and do the same?