Since their arrival at Wrestlemania 33, Matt and Jeff Hardy have been working in WWE as a classic team of The Hardy Boys. But the WWE universe is waiting for something else. They are eagerly waiting for a different version of Jeff and Matt Hardy. In the case of Jeff, they want "Brother Nero" and instead of Matt, they want the "Broken" version of Matt Hardy. Now the mystery remains on their arrival in WWE. There are speculations regarding the return of their Broken gimmick that they may arrive at Summerslam this Sunday.

Recently, Matt has given a hint on his Twitter account regarding the return.

He tweeted that it is time for them to be woken now. The Broken Hardys are expected to arrive in WWE under a different name of Woken Hardys.

Earlier, they both gave a hint in the episode of WWE Raw around a month ago when Jeff said that now it may be time for him to fade away and classify himself as obsolete. Matt Hardy in his response said that they may be a little bit broken. This pretty much gives a hint of their return. As the Summerslam match card is already set and the Hardys are not involved in any match at SummerSlam which gives an indication that they may be involved in something which is unexpected.

What have they done?

They may be coming in a new gimmick at Summerslam which is the "Broken" gimmick.

Matt and Jeff have had an amazing career in the field of wrestling.They have been wrestling for over three decades now, as they came to WWE as teenagers in 1990s. Since then, they both have been multiple times tag team champions. They have had matches with legendary tag teams such as The Dudley Boys, Edge and Christian and others.

They have revolutionized ladder matches by putting their bodies on the line on numerous occasions. They have even teamed up with Degeneration X in a survivor series elimination match winning the match.

As an individual performer in WWE, Matt has been a United States Champion, ECW champion while on the other hand, Jeff Hardy has attained heights during the time when he was WWE Champion, World Heavyweight Champion, and the Intercontinental Champion too.

Their return in WWE

The Hardy Boyz returned to the company after 8 years at Wrestlemania 33. They both left the company in 2009 and worked in other promotions like TNA and ROH until their return to WWE in 2017. They have not been separated since their return WWE Raw. They have been working together as a tag team and have been pretty successful with it. They have feuded with The Club, Sheamus and Cesaro and The Revival. Recently, they had a match with The Miztourage in WWE Raw's latest episode. Therefore, we may not see them as singles performers but their "Broken" gimmick return is something which may happen soon.