Jon Jones is on top of the world right now but so is Brock Lesnar. However, both are in separate clouds as we speak, and something has got to give. From the looks of it, that could come in the form of the “Beast Incarnate”.

SummerSlam 2017 will happen on Aug. 28 at Barclays Center in Brooklyn where Lesnar will defend his title against three opponents. These are Roman Reigns, Samoa Joe and Braun Strowman; formidable foes that don’t exactly favor The Beast.

In fact, Lesnar could lose the title without getting pinned. With that in mind, it looks like Paul Heyman is pretty much aware of his client’s chances, leading him to drop some teases of a possible Lesnar exit.

Temporary unleashing the Beast

By now, most fans are aware that Lesnar does not need any title around his waist to prove he is a big draw in the WWE. A potential loss will hardly affect his stock so a new Universal Champion crowned in Brooklyn may lead to one thing - Lesnar vs. Jones is on!

Jones called out Lesnar after defeating Daniel Cormier at UFC 214. Lesnar already responded to that, telling the new UFC light heavyweight champion to be careful about what he wished for.

If this is the outlook for the UFC, there will be some things that need to be addressed. This includes Lesnar’s suspension from USADA, though UFC top brass Dana White may pull some strings to fix it, reported.

Also, Lesnar taking on Jones does not mean he is done with the WWE.

He did it last year when he appeared at UFC 200, taking on Mark Hunt. After that, Lesnar returned to the WWE. Aware of the big revenue that a Lesnar vs Jones potentially brings, the UFC (and probably the WWE) would gain heftily from a potential blockbuster face-off.

What are the chances of Lesnar at SummerSlam?

From the looks of it, the looming possibility of Lesnar losing the Universal title is pretty high.

Joe, Reigns and Strowman don't actually have to pin him to be new champion. The new champion can technically be among the three.

Lesnar could end up faking an injury and be kept out of action at some point. Though scripted, it makes sense to preserve The Beast for a possible showdown with Jones.

While there is no certainty for now on when a Lesnar vs Jones fight might be taking place, it will likely happen before Wrestlemania 34 set for April 2018. That is a good eight months away so there is ample time to get it done. If so, that UFC mega fight could be announced after the results of SummerSlam 2017.