The NBA community was in shock following the trade request from Kyrie Irving. The All-Star point guard asked the Cleveland Cavaliers front office about trading him to another team. Unfortunately for the fans of the team, the organization had to give in.

Kyrie Irving said that his decision stemmed from his desire to move away from the shadow of LeBron James. It is the player’s desire to be the focal point of a team, something that he cannot achieve in Cleveland thanks to James. Interestingly, the NBA veteran Vince Carter jived in and offered some advice.

Carter on Irving’s departure from Cavs

According to ClutchPoints, Carter experienced almost the same scenario during his tenure at the Toronto Raptors. He was basically traded to the New Jersey Nets early in his career. With this experience, Carter shared some wisdom to the young superstar who made some huge waves. “Hearing that, it’s just wowing,” Carter said. He said that when fans get to hear such news, they always hope for “the band to always stay together.” After all, these people want the team to win as many championships as they can.

Carter, however, explained that people should understand Kyrie Irving as an athlete.

He said that there are accomplishments or goals that “athletes” want to accomplish, but unfortunately, some fans do not want to see or understand it. For the veteran NBA superstar, he is sure that this is what Irving wants. He wants to accomplish things on his own even if it means leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Irving’s trade request

Kyrie Irving’s trade request was communicated to the front office a week ago. It was never meant to go public, but somehow, in one way or another, it was picked up by the media. There are reports suggesting that it was James who leaked the news, as it happened soon after he was informed. But whether or not this is true, there is no stopping Irving from leaving the team.

This is where James and the rest of the players certainly will have to group up and revisit their options.

The King, on the other hand, let the public know that he will not intervene with the entire process. He will reportedly let the Cavaliers front office decide the ongoing trade request of Kyrie Irving. Many are now doubting the team’s potentials to make a finals run, as their main point guard is exiting. With their current situation, they surely have no chance of winning a match against the Golden State Warriors.