Kyrie Irving shocked the world – most especially the Cleveland Cavaliers front office – following his request for a trade. This was quickly picked up by the media, relaying the biggest turn of event in the league to the community. While fans are still in utter disbelief, LeBron James is reportedly “devastated.”

According to SBNation, as soon as Kyrie Irving’s trade request reached James, the four-time MVP was said to be upset. He clearly did not see it coming, as he saw the point guard as his number one go-to-guy on the team. But no, this will not be the case anymore.

James ‘devastated’ by Irving’s decision

Not only was The King “devastated” by Irving’s decision to exit the Cavaliers, he was also “blindside and disappointed.” James was said to be in shock because he always felt a kind of attachment and affection to the point guard. This move was even a dagger to LeBron, as reports suggest that Kyrie’s decision stemmed from his desire to stop being a sidekick (referring to James). This automatically puts the entire team in jeopardy, as one of their biggest scoring machines is out of the horizon.

James even reportedly thought that Kyrie Irving would not make such move, as they have planned to go after the Golden State Warriors again. James, in particular, was focused on it.

However, with Irving’s impending exit, it is safe to say that this focus was shaken. It should be noted that there were already rumors about the point guard’s exit a few weeks back. The only catch, however, is that these rumors suggest Irving to leave because James was also planning to leave. But as it turns out, Irving simply does not have the desire to play with the four-time MVP.

He wants to be a focal player

Many thought that James had something to do with Kyrie Irving’s decision to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers. But reports confirmed that it is actually about Irving’s desire to become a focal point on a team. Obviously, with James’ presence, it is impossible for him to be the number one go-to-guy. This is why he decided to be traded, as he wants to be on a team in which he plays the main role.

Sure, he might have scored more points that James last season; however, he always fell in The King’s shadow.

Simply put, Kyrie Irving wants to acquire the same recognition as James, and it is completely understandable. He is still in his prime and he has alrady shown tons of proof to his abilities. With a player of his age, he will really dream big. But sadly, this is at the cost of a potential run to the finals. For sure, he will do the same significance he did with the Cavs, but he also knows that there is no other team who can help him win another championship.