After years of chasing an NBA championship, Kevin Durant finally earned his victory. His road to success, however, was not painted with praise. That is because people often criticized the player for abandoning the Oklahoma City Thunder for Golden State Warriors.

TheSportster revealed some unknown but interesting facts about the final MVP.

He and Michael Beasley were best buds

Just like Durant, Beasley also grew up in the DMV area. He was also the number two overall pick for the NBA Draft of 2008. Durant and Beasley played together in AAU (Maryland) and won several championship together.

The best friends have a lot in common.

Unfortunately for Beasley though, his career was nothing close to Kevin Durant’s. He bounced into several teams within the NBA and even decided to showcase his talent in China. He was also involved in marijuana, which led to an arrest back in 2013. Fortunately, Kevin Durant did not share buddy Beasley’s troublesome pursuits.

Durant had a tattoo with a typo

Kevin Durant had a Bible verse tattooed on his back. The verse was misspelt. It should have read: “Let it do its work so you become mature and well-developed, not deficient in any way.” However, one of the words were misspelt: “Mature,” became “mautre.” Durant later had it redone and corrected.

He broke off an engagement

One would think of Kevin Durant as the kind of guy that can easily make a woman happy. He has everything ready any way. But unfortunately for a WNBA player named Monica Wright, things with her and Durant were not just meant to be. The two were already engaged when later on Durant decided to call off the engagement.

The Golden State Warriors player explained that he did not live Wright “the right way.” Many vouched for the two, as they shared some similarities. Wright, in particular, was also drafted as a number two overall pick in her draft back in 2010. If they had gotten married, they would have been the next NBA/WNBA couple after Sheldon Williams and Candace Parker.

Guinness Book of World Records

According to a report by The Guardian, Durant and 3,459 children from India's Reliance Foundation Junior NBA program entered the Guinness Book of World Records after hosting the world’s largest basketball lesson in multiple venues.

Durant, the MVP of the 2017 NBA finals, conducted the record-breaking feat at the NBA Academy India in Delhi.

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