When Kevin Durant decided to bring his talents to the Golden State Warriors, not everyone was happy, most especially the fans that he left at Oklahoma. People were just in deep shock, as they never thought someone like KD would do such thing. Some were even wished for his death, something that is obviously out of the line. Well, he still did go out and he has gotten himself a championship ring.

Unlike LeBron James (who also went to another team in the form of Miami), Kevin Durant was totally against building superstar teams. In fact, in a tweet seven years ago, he joked at how players in the NBA wanted to go with either the Heat or the Lakers.

He even pointed at going after these “people” and how they should be back at “being competitive.”

Durant and his decision to leave the Thunder

Kevin Durant was certainly at the peak of his career, despite not getting a championship to his name while at Oklahoma. He was putting great numbers, hitting clutch shots, and even making triple-doubles. Fast forward to today, Durant is now an elite member of the already elite squad, the Dub Nation. Well, lucky for him, he finally got what he wanted: a championship.

Interestingly, Kevin Durant released a 35-minute documentary, featuring the journey towards his first ever finals win.

The video, which is spearheaded by Nike, in one way or another, highlight’s the NBA Finals MVP’s “I’m still me” attitude. It also features an interview with him and his mom, along with his former Thunder coach Scott Brooks. More importantly, it reveals the interesting relationship he has with NBA Legend Steve Nash.

The “I’m still me” attitude

Nash offered his two cents towards Kevin Durant, saying how he really loves watching the Warriors superstar play. “It’s incredible,” Nash said of him. The former LA Lakers star point guard admits that people either love or hate him because of the decision to join the Golden State Warriors. Nash explains how he appreciates Durant’s ability to pull the talks aside while being not afraid to make “the unpopular decision,” something that Nash believes to have helped Durant be the man that he is now.

Kevin Durant, in the video, says that a certain level of respect is achieved when one is a champion. However, he retrieves it back and says that he is still going to be the person that he is. Sure, he might enjoy this, but he is aware of how important it is to make such attitude work for the most part of his career.