Earlier this week, WWE star Nikki Bella had a fun beach getaway with her "Total Divas" co-stars and twin sister Brie Bella. The 33-year-old professional wrestler took the time off from her wedding preparations and traveled to Cabo with her closest girlfriends.

Nikki took to social media and kept her fans updated about her latest escapade. In her posts, the bride-to-be flaunted her bikini body along with the rests of the Divas.

Basking in the sun

On Wednesday, the other half of The Bella Twins shared a snap of herself rocking a skimpy bikini and white coverup.

Nikki also shared some candid photos of her friends and sister Brie.

In one of the posts, The Bella Twins enjoyed the breathtaking view of the ocean while sitting next to each other. Apparently, this their first time to go on a vacation in two years. "First vaca together in 2 years! Love Brie Bella so much!" Nikki captioned the snap.

The soon-to-be Mrs. Cena also shared a clip of herself alongside former "Total Divas" co-star Trinity Fatu enjoying the pool. She also posed next to the new "Total Divas" star Alexa Bliss and even captioned it with a sweet message about her.

"Her story is incredible and truly inspiring. I’m so excited for the world to get to know her more this fall."

Meanwhile, John Cena doesn't seem to be included in Nikki's Cabo trip.

However, the WWE Diva made it clear that despite being in a fun getaway, she never fails to think of her future husband.

In another post during her trip, Nikki shared a photo of her fiancé and captioned it with, "I need, I miss [John Cena]".

John eager to marry to Nikki

Recently, the former WWE Champion opened up about his upcoming wedding to Nikki.

Cena admitted that it took him a while to propose to Nikki, making him want to move with their wedding plans full speed ahead.

In an interview with People, Cena expressed his desire to get married by next year. He said that he doesn't want to waste more time as it already took him long enough to propose.

"I’ve stressed to Nicole that I would really like to get it done because I guess it took me so long to ask, now that I’ve made the commitment I really just want to get married," Cena revealed.

Cena also proudly shared that he put a lot of effort onto the 4.5 karat engagement ring that he gave to Nikki during his proposal back in April. Apparently, John personally helped with the design, adding that their love story was the inspiration behind it.

"I really custom built the ring and it tells a story of our relationship. It’s just unique."

All set and ready to wed

The couple seems to be working really hard with their upcoming nuptials and already made quite big progress in their preparations. The future bride revealed in an interview with E! News that they have decided on their wedding date.

However, Nikki and John opted to keep the exact date a secret - at least for now.

In addition, Nikki also confirmed that she has finally found a stunning wedding gown.

Apparently, the WWE star instantly fell in love with the dress, which she described as "the one".

"I saw this dress and I was like, ‘That's Princess Grace Kelly.' Like that is what I want so bad."

She also shared her concerns that the wedding gown might not work out for her body type. However, she was pleased as soon as she put it on.

"All the girls warned me, ‘Just so you know, like even though you love it sometimes when you try something on it doesn't work.' I put it on and I was like this is the one."