Following the controversial trade request from Kyrie Irving, the Cleveland Cavaliers announced the inclusion of Derrick Rose to the roster. The former New York Knicks agreed to a one-year, veteran minimum deal. While the superstar might be contented with the money involved, another player by the name of Stephon Marbury is not.

According to Bleacher Report, Marbury was not happy after knowing about Derrick Rose’s inclusion in the Cavaliers. He believes that the front office is not giving Rose the amount of money his skills are worthy of. Well, here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Derrick Rose joining the Cavaliers

Rose’s contract with Cleveland is only worth $2.1 million for one year. Now, this is a very little amount compared to the money he acquired during his rookie days. Heck, even after his injuries, his worth never came to such figure. This is perhaps the reason why Marbury thinks that what the Cavaliers front office did to Rose was a “crime.” For him, it is unfair when an organization “have guys that can’t chew gum and walk making more.” Marbury continued with his spree on Twitter, calling out the league as a whole.

“DRose is a Monster!” the former NBA and now CBA (China Basketball Association) player said.

The event pointed out that not even the haters out there will agree with the price tag the Cavaliers gave Derrick Rose. Marbury’s most interesting tweet, though, is the one that suggests Rose has turned down multiple offers. He even noted that LeBron James, being a focal player in the organization, should have helped Rose land a better deal.

Heck, he even questioned James if his departure is true.

The veteran minimum salary

Derrick Rose has not been the same after all those knee injuries.

He was a dynamic player for sure. He even won the Rookie of the Year, showcasing a never-before-seen talent. He can drive straight to the basket with some sick handles and acrobatic shots. But unfortunately, this explosiveness seemed to have taken its toll on him. He suffered injuries, all of which sidelined him for good. He got traded to the New York Knicks, and although he averages 18 points and 4.4 assists there, he still got injured.

Experts believe that the Cleveland Cavaliers signing of Derrick Rose was a low-risk move. Although he might not have the same explosiveness, he remains to be a reliable player. He might not be as good as Kyrie Irving (thanks to the injuries), he is still enough to complement James on the floor.