When news about Kyrie Irving requesting a trade surfaced, most of the basketball fans around the world were a shock. They have always thought that such thing would never happen, most especially when a player like LeBron James is part of the team. Unfortunately, The King was the primary reason why Irving decided to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers.

But as the trade request of Kyring Irving develops into rumours, so is the feud between him and James. Irving even accused James of leaking the news about his trade. However, as reported by Cavaliers Nation, James finally decided to hit back.

The King counters with his attack

Since the news about Irving’s trade came to light, he and James have remained quiet. They never let out a single word, but rumours and speculations gave fire to the news. On Tuesday morning, James finally decided to reveal his side of the topic on Twitter. He called out Slam Magazine for generating false reports. “#NotFacts people,” he tweeted. The publication claimed that James was, in one way or another, “eager” to trade Irving. Unfortunately for them, The King has spoken and has shut them down for good.

There were reports, however, that James was “devastated” with Kyrie Irving’s decision to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers.

He was reportedly surprised, as he thought he and Kyrie had some connection. He never thought that Irving was somewhat pissed by being treated as a number two. Irving's decision stemmed from his desire to become a team’s focal point. Obviously, he cannot do it in Cleveland, as the franchise will lean towards James. As a matter of fact, the point guard already aired his top teams, with the San Antonio Spurs being a priority.

Derrick Rose signing

Kyrie Irving’s departure is a huge dagger to the heart of the Cavaliers. He was their number one point guard after all, and he brought so much impact within the team’s rotation. Now, he is gone, the team’s potential to make another finals run is in doubts. Interestingly, the former New York Knicks guard Derrick Rose has signed a one-year deal with Cleveland for a veteran’s minimum salary.

Sure, he might not be as explosive as he was before; however, Rose still averages enough points to give James and his team a huge boost. He might not be as quick as Irving, but he is still considered a slasher.

Rose’s game could be more about luring the defence and dishing out the ball to whoever is free. He showed this kind of play in New York, and although they were unsuccessful, his strategy worked.