The Cleveland Cavaliers is certainly not in good shape this offseason. Well, actually, not anymore. That is because Derrick Rose just agreed to a one-year deal with LeBron James’ team.

This news is a big one, considering the shock that Kyrie Irving brought in the last few days. Derrick Rose might not be as explosive as he was, but he can still be a reliable player on the court. Here is everything about the agreement in a nutshell.

Cleveland welcomes Rose to their turf

According to ESPN, the free agent Rose reached an agreement with the Cavaliers’ front office for a one-year deal.

The figure involved falls under the veteran minimum salary, which is $2.1 million. This is, of course, a little risk sign from the Cavs, given Rose’s history of injuries. The team reportedly met with the former New York Knicks player alongside his agent B.J. Armstrong last Monday. The 2011 MVP is set to sign the contract before Tuesday ends.

Derrick Rose may not be as skillful as Kyrie Irving, but he should be enough to make the Cleveland Cavaliers championship contenders. After all, he averages 18.2 points, 8.9 assists and 3.2 steals in his run with the Knicks. Moreover, Rose’s signing allows him to stay near his home: Chicago. Following the news of Rose signing with the team, James took to Twitter to welcome his new ally.

“Let’s Rock G!!,” the tweet reads, with emojis of roses.

Why Irving left

Irving reportedly requested a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers way before the Draft night. He iterated that he no longer wants to be under the shadow of James and that he longs to be a team’s focal point.

Interestingly, the request was meant to be kept under wraps, as Irving’s camp does not want to spill it out. Unfortunately, it surfaced online, with James being accused as the leaker. Irving had already shared his top teams, with the San Antonio Spurs being a priority. Apparently, the news of his trade not only shocked the community but his teammates, too.

James, in particular, was “devastated” by the turn of events.

Derrick Rose’s arrival should somehow clear the doubts of the Cleveland fans. Rose has proven himself to be lethal from the perimeter and is still capable of driving to the basket. His quick plays also became an important strategy during his stay at the Knicks. With his new team, it is interesting to see how he and James would compete in the division. Still, their greatest for is none other than the Golden State Warriors.