Exciting is the best word to explain this year's offseason and we are only 3 days in, Superstars and All-Stars are frantically switching teams and teams are scrambling to build an NBA super team like the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers.

Derrick Rose in talk with Milwaukee

Derrick Rose recently had a meeting with former All-Star and now coach of the Milwaukee Bucks Jason Kidd and Jon Horst when offseason started. Derrick Rose has been hampered by injuries in the past but last season with the New York Knicks he was surprisingly healthy playing 64 games.

He averaged 18 points, 4.4 assists, and 3.7 rebounds while shooting 47.1% from the field and shooting a career low of 21.7% from beyond the arc. Rose is no longer the monster he used to be when he won the NBA Most Valuable Player award but he still is a solid point guard in the League. The Milwaukee Bucks do need to clear cap space, but adding Rose could make them even better by getting a solid point guard to help Giannis on the offensive end on the floor.

David West postpones retirement

14-year veteran David West has reportedly re-signed with the defending champions Golden State Warriors per David Aldridge of TNT and Sam Amick of USA today. The contract seems to be a one year 2.3 million dollar deal.

The two-time NBA All-star began his quest for a championship ring in 2015 when he took a huge pay cut to join the San Antonio Spurs, a year later he joined the Golden State Warriors and won himself his first ever NBA championship ring. West averaged 4.6 points, 0.7 blocks, 2.2 assists and three rebounds per game while shooting 53.6% from the field in 68 games played with the Warriors.

West, before the offseason started, was planning to retire this year but winning an NBA championship seems to have refueled him to play one more year in the NBA.

Galloway takes his talents to Detroit

The 25-year-old point guard from Louisiana is moving to the Detroit Pistons this offseason after signing a 21 million dollar contract for 3 years.

The Detroit Pistons are deeply in need of a backup point guard that can run the court well, with Reggie Jackson hampered with injuries the Pistons are happy to have Langston as a backup point guard off the bench and even start if Jackson gets hurt again. Galloway has averaged nine points, 0.9 steals, 2.3 assists, and 3.3 rebounds while shooting 39% from the field and 35.9% from beyond the arc in 182 games in the NBA.