The Golden State Warriors finally got their revenge after the Cleveland Cavaliers lost to them in the NBA finals. History states that the champion team will have to pay the White House visit as courtesy. Well, surprisingly, the Dub Nation is rumored not to.

Speculations have it that the Golden State Warriors front office revealed that the aforementioned visitation will not happen. This was said to be a result of a unanimous vote within the organization. If this is true, there has to be a big reason why the winning team resorted to such decision.

It is definitely worth investigating.

A dislike for the current administration

Following the defeat of the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2017 NBA finals, the online news was filled with speculations about the newly-crowned champions not wanting to give the White House a visit. This came through a tweet from CNBC’s finance reporter named Josh Brown. He tweeted that the decision was, in one way or another, unanimous. Unfortunately, the journalist did not give out any specific details about the source of information.

It is worth noting, however, that several players of the Golden State Warriors have already aired their dislike towards the current administration led by President Donald Trump. The only difference, however, is that this came way before the boys even won the championship.

The team’s head coach Steve Kerr, in particular, was cited as saying that Trump was “ill-suited” to be the nation’s most powerful man. He dropped this line back in November of last year.

What the other Golden State Warriors feel about Trump

The ace player of the Golden State Warriors Steph Curry went on to call Trump an “a**.” David West, on the other hand, was not entirely open with his opinions.

However, he believes that whatever the new president said or represented, it is “the way the majority of this nation feels.” The power forward even went on to say that, in one way or another, Trump emboldens America, as he is able to say things publicly. “He got the platform,” West claimed.

Snopes reported that USA Today NBA reporter Jeff Zillgitt tweeted that "the Golden State Warriors had neither received nor turned down an invitation from the White House."

While it is true that some of the Golden State Warriors are against Trump, not all of them are on the same page.

West, despite not being explicit, is clearly an exception. So, in a sense, the tweet that mentioned the Dub Nation not wanting to visit the White House is somewhat shady. Apparently, though, the front office of the team released a statement confirming that the news was nothing but false. They even promised that as soon as things get settled, they will make the necessary decision about giving the White House a visit.