Shooting guard Andre Roberson got a significant raise after he signed a three-year $30 million deal with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Before getting a $10 million a year payday, Roberson earned $5.3 million in his first five years with the Thunder. While many expect Roberson to be a generous tipper now that he’s richer by $30 million, it wasn’t the case.

After drinking with 12 of his friends at a bar in Austin, Texas, Roberson racked up a bill of $487.13, per a report by TMZ Sports. Instead of leaving a generous tip, Roberson left just $13.97 or just three percent of the total bill.

Usually, a tip amounts to 10 percent of the total bill. Dismayed by the tip, waiter David Rodriguez posted the receipt signed by Roberson on Twitter, which quickly became viral.

Roberson defends himself on social media

Roberson went to social media to defend himself, tweeting that he didn’t feel like he needed to leave a tip at all because he only bought 1 bottle and "there was no service." A fan even jokingly told Roberson that he actually overpaid the bar by $1.10. Roberson tried to move the discussion away from his boo-boo, tweeting teammates Steven Adams and Enes Kanter and asking their location. Adams, in reference to the controversy, replied: “we just out here tipping more than $13”. Apparently embarrassed by Adams’ reply, Kanter tweeted “don't do that to him like that plz”.

Roberson actually has a reason to spend his money wisely money as his new deal was $18 million lower than the one offered to him by the Thunder two seasons ago. The Thunder wanted Roberson to sign a fresh four-year deal worth $48 million last summer but he turned it down.

Roberson a key defensive player for Thunder

A 26th overall pick by the Minnesota Timberwolves in the 2013 Draft, Roberson averaged just 4.5 points in his four years with the Thunder. Last season, he tallied a career-best 6.6 points per game in 79 games. However, his importance to the Thunder goes beyond scoring. Roberson’s work on the defensive end was crucial to the team’s success in the past years, especially last season when he averaged 5.1 rebounds, 1.2 steals and 1.0 blocks per game

Roberson stepped up his game in the postseason, tallying 11.6 points, 3.4 blocks and 2.4 steals in five games while making 41.2 percent of his attempts from beyond the arc.

His defensive effort was finally recognized when he was named to the All-NBA Defensive Second Team together with Tony Allen of the Memphis Grizzlies, Danny Green of the San Antonio Spurs, Anthony Davis of the New Orleans Pelicans and Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Milwaukee Bucks.