The San Antonio Spurs are Kyrie Irving’s preferred destination, something that may not be surprising. The all-star guard already made that known since the day he requested the trade so it all boils down to why he wants to join San Antonio.

A prime reason would be because of coach Gregg Popovich and the fact that the Spurs have young stars who have already made their mark. Of the mix, Kawhi Leonard comes to mind, someone who took the long road to NBA stardom.

There are other players like LaMarcus Aldridge and Danny Green as well, assuming that they are not tendered in a deal to hook up the 25-year-old Australian.

And on that note, the only way the Spurs get Irving is with the right assets – something that the Spurs, unfortunately, may not have right now.

Looking to replace Tony Parker

At the moment, the resident starting guard for the Spurs is Tony Parker. The French player still amazes though the past seasons have seen him riddled with injuries. There is no telling how long the 35-year-old will suit up for San Antonio and that could be an opportunity Irving is looking at.

Undeniably, those will be big shoes to fill. Parker has proven his worth, leading the Spurs to 4 NBA titles (2003, 2005, 2007 and 2014). His plight of injuries could be a sign of imminent retirement though he may have a couple of years left to show.

If he gets his wish, Irving should be reminded that Leonard is still the star of the show, NBC Sports noted. Though he may not be in the same ranks as LeBron James, Kawhi is a milder version which Irving could eventually manage to relate to. But the thing here is that there is no promise that “Uncle Drew” will be the main guy- something reports claim is his wish.

What will the Spurs do?

With his preferred destination known, it will be interesting if the Spurs can pull it off. Draft picks may only be part of the package – meaning actual (and proven) players would be needed. Aldridge may not make sense seeing how the Cavs still have Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson. Then again, the Spurs are open to trading the underachieving big man but at the right price.

Will the Cavs bite?

Seeing that a straight up deal looks far from happening, a conduit team may have to come in to consummate the moves. Jeremy Lin was suggested though there are other players who could be dangled at any point from here. Irving wants out and that is perhaps the only thing definite for now. As far as his final destination is concerned, it all depends what the Cavs find on the table.