A lot of reports have been circling around as of late to do with LeBron James and his quote on quote "frustration" with how the offseason has gone so far for the Cleveland Cavaliers. After coming off a loss to the Kevin Durant led Golden State Warriors in the 2017 NBA Finals, LeBron would have been expecting a few big changes and a few new faces but, unfortunately for him, the biggest move the Cavs made was firing their general manager.

General manager David Griffin was a key reason for the Cavaliers' success over the past three seasons, his ability to acquire talent to surround the big three was vital.

Players like J.R. Smith, Iman Shumpert, Deron Williams and Kyle Korver are currently in Cleveland a huge part to Griffin. But when owner Dan Gilbert fired GM David Griffin, King James was not happy at all, he even took his emotions to Twitter. Now the Cavaliers have lost their chances at trading for Paul George or Jimmy Butler due to this whole owner-GM fallout, and it has left the Cavs in a bit of a mess.

Kyrie Irving speaks about the Cavaliers situation

Kyrie Irving recently went one on one in an interview with Maggie Gray of Sports Illustrated to discuss the situation the Cleveland Cavaliers, and to talk about his close teammate and friend LeBron James. When asked about LeBron being annoyed with how the offseason has gone so far, Kyrie stated: "I mean, I understand we are in a very peculiar place, we just have to make sure that all our pieces are aligned first and then we go from there.

It's the summer time, a lot of craziness going on in the NBA. That's just to observe and see what happens but obviously, there are some things I'm pretty sure our organization wants to do, and we go from there."

So it seems that Uncle Drew is staying optimistic about how things are going in Cleveland, although there have been several times during this offseason that the Cavaliers have almost traded their star point guard to another team.

The main pieces are the most important

Kyrie Irving expressed that the most important duty for the Cleveland Cavaliers will be to make sure their core players and star players are signed and 100% ready to go for next season. So far they have done a solid job of that, the Cavaliers haven't lost any significant pieces from last years team.

Although a lot of people do not believe this will be enough for the Cavs to overcome the super team in the Bay Area, missing out on Paul George and Jimmy Butler is speculated as a big mistake for Cleveland.