The Los Angeles Chargers are looking for some boost, and it seems they are turning to Robert Griffin Iii over Colin Kaepernick. RG3 will reportedly work out with the team; his first try to hook up with an NFL team for the coming season.

Griffin played for the Cleveland Browns last season and was eventually released last March after the acquisition of Brock Osweiler from the Houston Texans. Despite the opportunity, Griffin apparently struggled to get his game back together, compounds by a collar bone injury which sidelined him for 11 games.

A new lease for RG3

Assuming he does well, a stint with the Chargers offers the 27-year-old another chance to get things on track. If he impresses, Griffin is likely to play backup to starter Philip Rivers. The worst scenario would see him as the third option, playing behind current backup Kellen Clemens.

Regardless of where he ends up, the sudden interest on Griffin has unsurprisingly brought out questions tied up to Colin Kaepernick. Most point out how the addition may be nothing more than to draw in crowds with Los Angeles divided between the Chargers and the Rams.

This is not to say that RG3 doesn’t have a following. He is among the popular players though not that far from what Kaepernick has to offer.

From that alone, conspiracy theories have cropped up once more with most linking the 29-year-old’s antics as the reason why some NFL teams are purposely overlooking him.

Chargers want fans without conflict of interest

The easy way to put it is the Chargers seeking a safe route to fulfill their needs. Kaepernick can obviously be a draw though his activism side may have burned all that.

This is technically the same concern or most teams, something that could inadvertently keep him out of the NFL for good.

Obviously, the Chargers want a following but with people mainly concerned about football. Kaepernick could do that easily if he keeps his mind on the football field and leaving his protests outside the stadium.

Sadly, teams are unwilling to take that chance and end up drawing the wrong kind of crowd and impression. Apparently, the kneeling and support for Fidel Castro by Kaepernick are haunting him, and his stance has been severely compromised.

With most high profile quarterbacks slowly signing up, Kaepernick’s future grows dimmer by the day. The Chargers were not among the teams expected to look for a quarterback so hope may still be afloat for the Milwaukee native. The door of opportunity may slowly be closing for the once-promising quarterback who is left to wait for a potential call to duty.